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Exclusive Importers

  • Sashas Blend™
  • PlaqueOff Animal™
  • Stomax™
  • Tick Twister™

Scientifically Proven

Our product solutions are proven to effectively care for Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia and Joint Health, Dental Health, Digestive Health, Pet Nutrition, Tick removal.

Community Approved

The people we provide our products to love the results. Pet’s are family after all.

We Deliver.

Order online, and we will bring the love. And possibly a cookie.

We provide news

Our weekly blog covers insights into your pets world, from cute paw socks all the way to the latest scientific breakthroughs in canine health.

We Care

If your pet has a need that we can help with, we are ears up!

We don’t muck around. We deliver, because we care.


Assists in fighting bad breath, plaque and tartar build ups.
Keeping your pets mouth healthy, and your pet happy.


Sashas blend is a must, if your pet suffers from:

Hip or Elbow Dysplasia


Degenerative Joint Disease



Joint Injury

Reduced Joint Mobility

Is about to undergo Joint Surgery

Is recovering from Joint Surgery


As simple as it sounds. A quick, clean and effective way of removing ticks intact.


Does your dog or cat have bad breath?

Pass wind more often than usual?

Are defecations loose or hard?

Is the coat dull?

Is there loss of appetite, tiredness or listlessness?

Then Stomax is an option.

Products exclusive to us and highly effective.

Everyone at Dog Solutions is proud to call their dogs and cats their family, just like you.

We take the time and care to feed and supplement our pet family with products that we trust, products proven to to be exceptional and safe.

We are constantly on the look out for exceptional products, and when we find them and have tested them ourselves we put them up for our community to experience as well.

Sashas Blend™

PlaqueOff Animal™


Happy Tails


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