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The Biokinetic K-9

Angela Ahern – CCAS, CMFR – Your Elite K-9 Fitness and Conditioning Partner

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What We Offer

BK-9 Tribe Mentorship

Your Elite K9 Tribe Community

Foundation Strength Training

When training for Strength, every dog needs a solid foundation.

Seminars and Workshops

Work with me Live

Organize your own Seminar, Workshop or Boot Camp for your club or group of canine handlers.

All events and programs are customized and suited to your audience whether they are sporting competitors, puppy classes, senior dogs specialities, conformation classes or events.

These may range from informational and informative, demonstrative and/or interactive with the audience. Attendees may participate as a Handler with their dog or may attend as an audited spot/ spectator only (without their dog)

Set up an awesome in-person weekend workshop, afternoon seminar or live virtual coaching webinar for your club or training group today – just click on the button below.

Bespoke Personalized Programs

More Time

No more travelling for ages means more time with your family and dogs!

Packing in the dogs and stressing if you have all your equipment with you! Did you remember treats? And then… you hit the traffic and class time is reduced by 20 minutes!

Easy and Smart

Interaction is yours to review again and again. 

All you will need your cell phone! Hey, it’s always on you in any case and now its our training partner!

Point, train, review, feedback and more!

Looking Good

Come as you are!

We all train dogs and really don’t care if your pants/ tracksuit has a hole in it or your T-shirt does’t match.  (That’s my style!)

We are all about comfy participation with our dog!

Bespoke Personalised programs

Your program is designed around your lifestyle and your dog’s needs, whether it is sport-specific, wellness and health or working towards competition or championship optimal performance.

The most complicated aspect of fitness and conditioning training is how to put it all together for your dog.

I do that for you!

No more worrying about whether you are over-training, when to increase intensity, when to change an exercise or what equipment to avoid or use.

Our programs include:
  1. your personal balanced exercise program
  2. weekly exercise schedules,
  3. videos of specific exercises,
  4. feedback reports monitoring your progress for you or your veterinarian or rehab veterinarian
  5. and so much more!

We meet each other – virtually – wherever you are.

Our unique “Fitness at Home” monitored programs, makes working with your dog easy, fun and stress-free.

Click on the button below and we can set up a program that fits your needs perfectly.

“Fitness at Home” Virtual Training Programs. 

Whether you are competing with a sporting dog (IGP, PSA, agility, flyball, conformation ring etc), post-rehab, or simply want a healthier, fitter dog, each program is designed specifically around your dog’s unique training and sporting needs while complimenting and integrating your dog’s normal training program.

Each dog is an individual in its sport, structure and build, temperament and fitness level.

I do not believe in generic fitness programs, because I have never seen a generic dog.

What People are saying about our Workshops and Programs

I was so impressed by her passion to help clients, her knowledge, and her ability to connect with her clients and their dogs. It’s because of her that I now look at dogs with a different eye and have been serious about conditioning by dogs on a daily base.

Angela is extremely caring and attentive to what each dog needs, what their limits are (let’s face it, some dogs don’t like people hanging over them and touching them), and how far she can push the owners to be able to see and work on the issues . She encouraged and motivated each and every person in the seminar and had a fantastic way of engaging everyone. She had a very nice balance of theory and practical training where each dog got assessed and where the entire group got involved in the discussion.

She changed my ways of looking at dogs forever and I’m extremely grateful for that! It shows that obviously, you can learn an “old dog” new tricks.

Thank you for all your help, feedback and guidance. It has just been amazing. I have really learned a stack load these last few weeks and I can already see a difference in Cruz.

I have always done exercises with Cruz and I could never see a difference with the work he has ever done whereas, with these exercises that you have given him, I can see that his muscles have worked. I can see a big difference in him, and it has been awesome. The exercises you gave me are working.

Some of the things he has done before for some time, but your feedback has really shown me that I am on the right track! I am so proud of my boy! I think he is fabulous!

We are grateful to you and will look to you in the future. I had never received so much fantastic feedback as I have from you. It was amazing. I have learned so much, thank you.

“Oh, and one more item I’ve been meaning to share with you all or anyone sceptical of conditioning work. A helper from my club asked what Theo (my Dobermann) was going for at the trial. I said a BH. He was shocked thought for sure he was going for an IGP 1. I asked why he would think that and he stated because of his grip strength and fight. On a second note this weekend, while working protection, I noticed Theo’s fight. The “trying to swing then helper around” was so strong….and just on the two rear feet. It was something to admire.
These two incidents I can confidently say are due to conditioning. Yes, a good helper helps BUT if it weren’t for all the core work, neck work, jaw strength work etc, learned through this webinar series I don’t think Theo would not be at the level he is at today. I am not rushing or pushing Theo in any way. I’m not that level of a competitor. I want to compete with him but the journey is more important to me. So I thought to myself, Imagine a high-level competitor having The Biokinetic K-9 training, how fast their dogs could progress in the sport, it would be mind-blowing.”
~ From our BK-9 Tribe Membership

Working with Angela (The Biokinetic K-9) has been a wonderfully rewarding and productive experience for both my dog and I. Angela is incredibly thorough in acquiring the information (through online interviews, video clips etc) required to customize a fitness program suitable to your dog’s needs. She is wonderfully astute in identifying exactly what my dog, Zodiac, needed in terms of strength building and flexibility. Her programs are designed to work for the handler in terms of time frame, handler ability and what you have at your disposal in terms of equipment.

The online program itself is broken down to help you and your dog achieve optimum success with short video clips of each exercise. Angela is also available to help you with advice, encouragement and feedback. Her passion for what she does is undeniable, and we are so blessed to have access to this resource in South Africa. I can highly recommend this programme wherever you are on your life’s journey with your dog, from the proverbial pet (soon to be ex-couch potato) to the IGP machine – your dog will thank you!

Learned so much more than I expected- and it was incredible.

The Webinar sound, video and slide show was fantastic and the practical relevance was phenomenal. Angela’s knowledge, ability and quality as a speaker is mind-blowing.

I want so much more of these, pawlease!

Angela covers everything from where, when, what, why and how about fitness exercises. Very informative and fun and everything is correlated to practical application. She is super knowledgable and able to accurately and in detail answer questions with good explanation.

It is very obvious Angela knows what she is talking about. She is very interesting and informative. I like how she uses analogies to human bodies. It is easier to understand when relating it to dogs. It was interesting to see and understand why not all conditioning exercises apply to all dogs. She showed an understanding in your dog while explaining the correct exercises.

I learned alot from Angela and about my German Shepherd. I really enjoyed her course and the exercises will help me teach my dog, build his strength and he will be much better off.

In All Things – Balance!

The Biokinetic K-9 is for all dogs!

Whether they are  your happy-go-lucky couch king, pet zoomies expert, sporting dog or working dog.

Whether your dog is the energetic companion or less active senior, if they are don’t have good overall body condition, they are prone to joint and soft tissue (muscle and ligament) injuries.

The Biokinetic K-9 develops Balanced Fitness and Conditioning Program is specifically for any dog of any age and activity level.

Each program looks to:

  • lose weight safely
  • prevent injuries
  • improve health 
  • achieving trial or competition readiness 
  • help you enjoy your dog and so much more!

Why have a Balanced program?

Consider:  veterinary costs, x-rays, possible out-of-the-blue surgeries, rehab, medications for simple (or not so simple!) knee, shoulder or those niggling soft tissue injuries.


Sure, these can happen to any dog at any time.  The likelihood is much higher for a dog that is not in good physical shape. Even worse, the recovery is so much longer and harder for a dog that is not fit enough to cope with the stress of an injury.

For a sporting or working dog, this situation is simply worse because the down time is so much more difficult.

The investment and benefits of a Biokinetic K-9 program far outweighs the veterinary bill, rehab and training down time!

Generic training programs cannot provide the results you want for your dog.

It is quite simple:
Prevention is the key

What We Do

When your dog is so much more than just a pet – he’s an athlete!

Whether you train or compete in:

  • agility, flyball, hunt-point-retrieve trials, protection and impact sports (IGP, PSA), the conformation ring, dock diving, lure coursing, search and detection sports
  • or your dog is a working dog such as search and rescue, anti-poaching, police work, narcotics or explosive detection dogs,
  • or you just have a really active dog
  • or maybe your dog is a little podgy around the edge or is entering his twilight years
  • or you have a young puppy, perhaps from working lines, that you would like to raise correctly and safely

be the hero your dog needs and enter into a safe exercise program that is designed with YOUR dog in mind!


What’s the one common result?  

Confidence that your training partner is here to motivate and support you in achieving your performance goals and with that, the increased good times with your dog!

Our Goals:

Longevity of injury preventative training that increases:

 stamina, strength, muscle balance and tone, flexibility,  speed, power and more!

To make you and your dog stand out from the crowd whether you are competing or simply enjoying your dog on the beach!

How do we do this:

Ensure that handlers and owner enjoy their pups to dogs to seniors and that these dogs enjoy what they do for longer through specifically designed training programs designed specifically for your dog and the sport they do.

Let’s be honest – part of the package of “letting your dog do what it was bred to do” is being responsible for ensuring their safety while asking for their best performance.

In the same way, generic training programs won’t and cannot give you the results you desire.

Come Join Us!

Be part of an exclusive, intimate, knowledgeable team here for you and your dog.

We are here at each step of your journey to achieving super times with your dog.

We would love for you to  become part of our family!

Is Virtual Coaching For You?

For those of you who live too far away to take advantage of our face-to-face services and programs,

we offer online instruction and virtual coaching

Feel confident that you can train anywhere knowing that you are maximizing your

dog’s performance while minimizing your training risk of injury.

Schedule a consultation with me to learn more about how

Virtual Coaching is right for you!

Click on the button below to book a date and time to chat with me that suits you best.​


Unsure on which is the best way for you to get going?

No, problem. Schedule your first one-on-one consultation with me at no extra cost. We get to chat about your dog and your needs to find your perfect fit program.

With Virtual Coaching, it doesn’t matter if you are in Pittsburgh or Perth, you get the same expertise. We may as well be in the same neighbourhood!

If you are visiting our area, I would love to meet you and your dog.

We guarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!

Or simply send me an email.

5 + 2 = ?

Who Is The Biokinetic K-9?

I work with owners of active and sporting dogs who want to attain superior performance so that these owners gain more understanding, confidence and pride in their dog’s athletic performance.

At The Biokinetic K-9, I believe that health speaks for itself!

“A moving dog is a happy dog – there’s magic in movement.”

Hi, my name is Angela Ahern. I have been in training dogs for over 25 years, training in dog protection sports (IPO/IGP) for over 13 years and have been an IPO/IGP trainer and competitor for 9 years. I achieved a National Championship with my dog Ornella (who is also my reason for starting The Biokinetic K-9).

A small bit of background about me: I have also been a high school teacher, a trainer and educator for adult learning in management and hospitality (achieved the Medal of Excellence through City and Guilds of London for our school), I am a qualified Moderator and Assessor. I have also achieved a Black Belt in Okinawan Goju Ryo Karate. I have been involved with athletes and competitors in human power sports (weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding) for most of my life.

I am a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, Trainer and Adviser (CCAS). I am also a Certified Canine Myofascial Release Therapist and Practitioner (CMFR) and am a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

I specialise in sporting and working dogs – in particular, those dogs engaged in impact and protection sports.

This is what makes me uniquely qualified to help you – I understand the sporting dog handler and I understand what it is like to own, train and compete with a sporting and working dog.

I love my dogs, my sport – and my work allows me to culminate my passions and do what I love to do – teach.

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