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5 Ways Warm-Ups Help Your Competition Dog

Just as human athletes benefit from warm-ups before workouts, practice drills and competitions, so do our canine athletes benefit in much the same way.

Proper warm-ups increase several physical functions as well as all those processes responsible for cellular heat and energy, tissue repair and growth.


What do warm-ups do for your dog?

Improved performance and the reduced risk of injury. You have prepared your dog’s body for optimal function and performance!


Let’s explore how this Preparation for Performance helps your dog in competition.


1.  Increase In Heart Rate and Breathing (Respiratory Rate)

A faster heart rate causes an increase in blood pressure.

This along with increased breathing moves more oxygen and blood into the muscles. Increased energy is supplied to muscles of the body resulting in improved performance.


2.  Muscle and Body Temperature Increases

A warmer body has 4 benefits:

  • Warmer muscles are more elastic and pliable. Muscles can then contract with more force and relax at a faster rate after a contraction.
  • Warmer muscles will cause strength and speed to be increased.
  • As warmer muscles are more elastic which also increases the glide of muscle fibres, making them easier to move. The risk of a pulled or strained muscle is reduced.
  • Joint temperature is warmer allowing joints to move safely through their full range of motion.


3.  Blood Vessels Dilate

Warming up causes blood vessels to dilate. Dilated blood vessels reduce the stress that physical activity places on the heart while simultaneously increasing blood flow throughout your dog’s body.


4.  Nerve Impulse Speed is Increased

Nerve impulses move faster. This allows for quicker response time along with increased speed.


5.  Increases Mental Focus and Connection

Performing a warm-up routine helps your dog to mentally prepare and focus on the task ahead. It can be used as a marker for the exercises or activity he is about to perform.

During a warm-up, you connect or bond with your dog and you can mentally prepare for you and your dog to

  • remain positive
  • keep relaxed and
  • increase both you and your dog’s levels of concentration.

Increased nerve impulses increase the mental focus required for success.


Learn more about how you can help prepare your dog’s body for awesome performance with me at The Biokinetic K-9. As a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, I am uniquely qualified to help you prepare your dog’s body for physically demanding performances. Contact me today.

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