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Best for Growing, Active Puppies

We all know how active puppies can be!  However, it is always the best option to protect their joints whenever you can.  Nazreen uses Sashas Blend for her active puppies. We love hearing from our community and receiving pictures like these…
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McCloud runs like a puppy again

We just received this email from Irma.  I had just come in from a busy morning and opened my emails.... Our day has just been made!! We love receiving such wonderful feedback.  Thank you Irma for introducing us to your Mr McCloud! I will…
Archie the Red Dobermann
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Archie the Red Dobie

Archie the red Dobermann was just over 11 years old and was presenting symptoms of arthritis. His owner, Cameron started treating him with Sashas Blend.  Here is what Cameron had to say:   I have been giving my Red Dobermann, Archie,…
Meije the Rottweiller
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Meije the Rottweiler started on Sashas Blend at 4 years old.  At 12 years of age we received the following news from her owner, Carol.   I first started Meije on Sashas Blend to relieve her arthritis that started about 4 years…
Niki the wonder dog
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Niki - the wonder dog!

This story was written by Michael Bloch, owner of Green Living Tips. It about his Fox Terrier, Niki who carries the prestigeous titles of Wonder Dog and Guardian of the Blessed Solar Panel. If you’ve been reading Green Living Tips for…
Sleeping ginger cat
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Special Agent Dale Cooper (Coop)

Cats are extremely sensitive to most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). You can't just give any old NSAID to a cat that isn't feeling up to snuff. Even those approved for veterinary use can have serious side effects, so administration…
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Cinnamon and Pepper

We just received this letter this morning!  I have goosebumps.  Thank you Peni, for telling us about your brave puppies, Pepper and Cinnamon (love the names!) Thank you for sharing Cinnamon and Pepper's story with us!
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Raven's raving!

Name: Raven (Champion Rhonabwy Raven Ov Bear CDX ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM GDX SDX ET) Breed: Border Collie Age: 6 years 2 months Favourite sport: Agility Problem area: Lame front shoulder When did it occur: 18 months of age Physio’s…