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To throw or not to throw?

I have seen a dog have to retire from sports due to injury from simply playing ball. An I must admit that I was guilty of zealous ball throwing too. "In the past two days, I have worked with two dogs injured from overzealous ball playing,…
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3 ways to prevent pain caused by muscle injuries.

Is your dog in pain? What are the signs? Is it a muscular injury? How can I avoid muscular injuries in my dog?   Jackie Crawford of Canine Muscle Works, Australia helps us address these questions below. Dogs that exercise…
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After surgery/injury - Will his muscles return to normal?

This is a big question:  My dog has had surgery/an injury. Will his muscles return to normal - by themselves?   According to Michelle Monk, leading Pet Rehab specialist with a Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, the short…
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Soft tissue injuries and their effect on your pet's joints

Soft tissue injuries include injuries to muscle, tendons and ligaments. They come in the form of sprains or strains and tears or ruptures.   1. Sprains and strains.   Dogs spend most of their days standing on their toes, with…
Australian Cattle Dog catching frisbee
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Physical Therapy - Is my dog a candidate?

The need for rehabilitation for our fur buddies has evolved from mainly post-operative cases to include a wide range of disabling conditions seen in: working and performance dogs agility dogs and family pets. Below are some conditions…