7 Habits for a Successful Fitness Program

Ever wonder why some people can stick with an exercise program and others find it difficult or cannot maintain momentum and stop after 2 or 3 sessions?   Let's set you up for getting into the habit of successfully executing your…
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5 Ways Warm-Ups Help Your Competition Dog

Just as human athletes benefit from warm-ups before workouts, practice drills and competitions, so do our canine athletes benefit in much the same way. Proper warm-ups increase several physical functions as well as all those processes…
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Does my dog need PREbiotics? Yes.

We know that probiotics are friendly forms of bacteria that live in the intestines and can improve our health as well as our doggo’s, in many ways. Veterinarians recommend probiotics for everything from treating digestive conditions to…
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The importance of oral health in dogs

This is a super video from The Vet Society.  It explains the progression of oral health in dogs, how easily their oral health can go downhill and why it is SOOO important to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy!     PlaqueOff…
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After surgery/injury - Will his muscles return to normal?

This is a big question:  My dog has had surgery/an injury. Will his muscles return to normal - by themselves?   According to Michelle Monk, leading Pet Rehab specialist with a Masters Degree in Animal Physiotherapy, the short…

What are your fur buddy's teeth used for?

Let's take a closer look at your fur buddy's teeth - or canine dentition! The cuteness of puppy nibbling on your finger. This is a delight with a limited shelf life, but puppies' teeth are sharp fraught with peril. As we know, puppies grow,…

Bacteria: A Cause of Plaque and Tartar Buildup in Dogs and Cats

Dental problems are exceeding common problems that veterinarians have to deal with. The majority of dental problems occur during adulthood and into old age of our pets. Bad breath, discoloured teeth, deposits on the surfaces of the teeth,…
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Christmas - Keep Your Fur Buddy Safe With Some Safety Tips These Holidays

Christmas isn’t too far off. This means a house full of people from family to visitors and potential pet hazards. Is this your first Christmas with your dog, puppy, cat or kitten? Don’t panic. We're here to help with some handy Dog Safety…
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Rehab - Body Revamps for Fur Buddies

Canine Physical Therapy - a commonplace rehab solution in Europe in the 1980s.  It is building wonderful momentum right here in South Africa. We love what our rehab therapists can do for our dogs and have experienced their fine work first…
Bad Pet Breath

Factors that play a role in Dental Disease

Many things can play a role in the development of dental disease:   Some breeds are more prone than others. Some smaller breeds of dogs more commonly experience dental disease such as yorkies, poodles, jack russells, duxies…
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Going against the Grain

Why your Pooch was NOT designed to eat Grains Your fur buddy is a carnivore or, at the very best, a carnivorous-omnivore who tolerates some berries and vegetables, but most certainly, your dog is not a herbivore. Given the choice, would he…
Julie's new puppies

Let the healing begin - therapy wonderment for our pets

Pet Rehab Therapies - a wonderment for our pets There are various rehabilitation therapies available for various issues. Let's take a look as some of the most used therapies: Manual therapies These include: exercise joint…
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Play is serious business when it comes to Puppies' Bones

Exercise not only builds the puppies' bodies, it helps build their minds. However, inappropriate exercise that’s not suitable for a puppy’s age and level of development can cause significant and irreversible damage. What would be…
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Xylitol takes its toll. Poisonous for your pup.

ylitol - what is it?  Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance that is widely used as a sugar substitute. Chemically, it’s a sugar alcohol and, in nature, it’s found in: berries plums corn oats mushrooms lettuce …
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Orijen and Acana - What's the difference?

Both Acana and Orijen are made by the same manufacturer, so the question everyone asks is:  Whats the difference? Because you want to do right by your dog, you want all the information you can get on the difference between the two foods. Let's…
Man and Bernese
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Common Dog Allergies (Atopic Dermatitis) and the importance of Prebiotics

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics for common dog allergy (atopic dermatitis) This is a new review study in people, but much of the research can likely be applied to our pets too. And with the increasing incidence of allergies, and…
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Not everything with a label, makes it acceptable.

No, not all joint formulations are created equally. As always, we keep a lookout on information important to keeping your pet safe and healthy. In a recent interesting, reviewed and published study on the: "Quality of different chondroitin…
kitten and cat tail

The Tails Your Cat Can Tell You

Cat tail communication is interesting and can help us respect our cats emotions more accurately. A cats tail is constantly on the move and one of the most obvious uses is for self-expression. The position of the tail (and don't forget…
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10 Reasons to take care of your pet's teeth

10 reasons for using PlaqueOff Animal every day: 1. Healthy teeth equals better breath! - A much better good morning hug from your pet! 2. Bad Breath and teeth may lead to dental disease which can actually lead to problems with your…
Tick Twister

Tick removal. There is a wrong way.

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to remove these little parasites. This article is for both pet owners, and professionals alike. What are you doing about it? Even with the best tick prevention our dogs, cats and horses will still manage…
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Periodontal (dental) disease.

Bad Breath? Worry? Worry! Bad breath may be a result of periodontal (dental) disease. Pets may develop a build-up of plaque on and around the teeth. This not only causes discomfort and pain, but can result in: bad breath inflamed…
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Bad Breath? Take action!

When Halitosis (bad breath) raises its head, it’s time to take action. Halitosis may result from tartar buildup on the teeth. This marks the start of odour-producing bacteria. After eating, small particles of food can be left behind in…