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The importance of oral health in dogs

This is a super video from The Vet Society.  It explains the progression of oral health in dogs, how easily their oral health can go downhill and why it is SOOO important to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy!     PlaqueOff…
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5 Ways You Can Help Keep Your Fur Buddy's Mouth Healthy

It is a Universal acknowledgment that dogs may benefit from having their teeth brushed. The hard part: going from knowing to doing. Few of us have the time, discipline – or the cooperative pet – to brush teeth on a daily basis. While…
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Is your dog's breed a high risk for dental disease?

Many of us assume that the condition of their dog’s dental health i.e. teeth and gums, has no influence on their overall health. Nothing could be further from the truth. "The toxins from periodontal disease are absorbed into the dog's blood…
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Overcoming Puppy Teething Troubles

Puppy's teething troubles have a nasty pointy end and can be quite sore. Caution: Puppy's teething is like meeting Jurassic Park raptors - cleverly disguised as a ball of cuteness. Your puppy won't hunt you down and eat you, but when you’re…
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5 Common Dental Problems in Dogs and Cats

It's wonderful how our pets are living longer!  Thanks to better medical treatments, diagnostic tools and advanced nutrition our pets are are healthier and happier for longer. With longer lives comes more cases of dental diseases unfortunately.…
Bad Pet Breath

Factors that play a role in Dental Disease

Many things can play a role in the development of dental disease:   Some breeds are more prone than others. Some smaller breeds of dogs more commonly experience dental disease such as yorkies, poodles, jack russells, duxies…
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How to use PlaqueOff Animal

PlaqueOff Animal comes in a 40g and 180g jar, which is filled with a fine green powder. Packed in the tub is a small scoop which you use to measure out the correct dosage of PlaqueOff Animal. Because PlaqueOff needs to be ingested, the…
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How to reduce Plaque and Tartar

o your dog or cat gets up in the morning, goes to the bathroom to start their oral health regime with you .... and they brush their teeth? I think not. So quite easily, our pets start to develop some problems with plaque - yes, that build…
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Vets recommend PlaqueOff Animal every time!

We could not have said it any better.  Learn about Plaque, Tartar and your pets oral health in this easy video. Proden PlaqueOff Animal is what we use on our own dogs teeth and they are pristine! Read more about PlaqueOff Animal on our…
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Not everything with a label, makes it acceptable.

No, not all joint formulations are created equally. As always, we keep a lookout on information important to keeping your pet safe and healthy. In a recent interesting, reviewed and published study on the: "Quality of different chondroitin…
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PlaqueOff slows deterioration after dental cleaning

Does this sound familiar? You have had your dog or cat's teeth cleaned professionally. It is costly, but your pet survived and their teeth is clean. However, to your dismay, you find that the plaque and tartar have come back even faster…
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10 Reasons to take care of your pet's teeth

10 reasons for using PlaqueOff Animal every day: 1. Healthy teeth equals better breath! - A much better good morning hug from your pet! 2. Bad Breath and teeth may lead to dental disease which can actually lead to problems with your…
Tick Twister

Tick removal. There is a wrong way.

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to remove these little parasites. This article is for both pet owners, and professionals alike. What are you doing about it? Even with the best tick prevention our dogs, cats and horses will still manage…
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Periodontal (dental) disease.

Bad Breath? Worry? Worry! Bad breath may be a result of periodontal (dental) disease. Pets may develop a build-up of plaque on and around the teeth. This not only causes discomfort and pain, but can result in: bad breath inflamed…
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Bad Breath? Take action!

When Halitosis (bad breath) raises its head, it’s time to take action. Halitosis may result from tartar buildup on the teeth. This marks the start of odour-producing bacteria. After eating, small particles of food can be left behind in…