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How does Oligofructose enriched Inulin in Stomax compare to other soluble fibres such as psyllium?

Psyllium is a very old and effective stool bulking agent, having been grown and used in India for over 1000 years.  It does lower cholesterol.  However, it is not a prebiotic fibre as defined by many authorities. See our article on choosing a prebiotic supplement.

Oligofructose-enriched inulin is prebiotics with medical research proved benefits.





·         Improves bowel regularity X* X*
·         Lowers cholesterol X*
·         Increases calcium absorption X*
·         Increases bone density X*
·         Increases good colon bacteria X*
·         Decreases bad colon bacteria X*
·         Produces vitamin B12 & K X
·         Increases colon immune factors X
·         Controls weight and appetite X
·         Reduces allergies in infants & children X
·         Reduces triglyceride level X

* The FDA has allowed these health claims for psyllium and oligofructose-enriched inulin. The other claims for oligofructose-enriched inulin have not been approved by the FDA, but there is significant research support in the peer-reviewed medical literature.


Concerns about the use of fibre for dogs and cats

GSP playing with leather pouch

Stomax contains fibre. Some veterinarians say that it is not good for dogs/cats to eat too much fibre. They are, after all, natural carnivores.

It is true that cats and dogs should not always eat fibre-rich foods, or foods that in many cases today, consist almost entirely of cereals. Many types of pet foods and treats contain high proportions of fibre and animals should not eat only these foods all their lives.

However, Stomax is used as a therapy when an animal has digestion problems. The therapy is usually limited to 2-3 weeks – so the question of excessive fibre is not a problem. Dogs and cats, both tame and in the wild, often eat fibre in the form of grass when they have gastric problems. There are different theories as to why they do this. One being they eat grass because of its fibre content, just like people do when we suffer from various kinds of gastric problems.


Typical questions raised when Stomax in needed as a long-term treatment:

Is there any danger to this? Even though his stomach is functioning properly, is it good for him? Or should he only be given Stomax when he is feeling a bit under the weather?

Stomax is a fibre based product in which all ingredients are of approved foodstuffs quality. That is to say, the quality is very high and human grade. Stomax is developed primarily as therapy when problems arise. It should be given for 2-3 weeks.  The symptoms disappear before this, but the extended therapy provides the stomach with better protection against future gastric complaints because Stomax balances the intestinal flora and strengthens the stomach and intestinal linings.


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