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Cats are extremely sensitive to most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

You can’t just give any old NSAID to a cat that isn’t feeling up to snuff.

Even those approved for veterinary use can have serious side effects, so administration and dosing MUST be done under veterinary care.

Inappropriate NSAIDs given to cats can cause kidney failure, ulcerate the gastrointestinal system or promote internal bleeding.

On the other hand, cats in chronic or severe pain need medication to ease suffering. Only a small handful of NSAIDs are available to deal with those issues.

Cats prescribed NSAIDs require very close veterinary monitoring.

Dogs have many more NSAIDs approved for veterinary use than your purring member of the couch kings. For instance, Rimadyl, a well-known canine NSAID, is not recommended for use in cats.


Meet Special Agent Dale Cooper or ‘Coop’ for short.

Coop’s owner Roslyn, was looking for a treatment and preventative for aging cats with painful arthritis that was safe and effective as Coop was already 14 years old.


coop_the_cat-jul-08I first heard about Sasha’s Blend when I was looking up various treatments for older cats as it looked as though Coop was on his last legs.

I was lucky that our vet stocked Sashas Blend™ and picked it up that night.

Since then I’ve been using Sasha’s Blend for all of our cats and dogs (3 of each) for general well being and preventative.

The product truly is miraculous and I recommend it to everyone with pets.

Thanks so much!!!

~ Roslyn, VIC

Joint health for Dogs and Cats

Sashas Blend – Joint health for Dogs and Cats



Learn more about Sashas Blend right here.

A safe, effective and proven treatment and anti-inflammatory for arthritis and degenerative joint disease in cats.

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