What you do with your Puppy NOW has

Long-Term Repercussions. 

Is the training and exercises that you are doing with your working or Sporting  puppy correct or even safe long-term?

  • So, your high-drive, super active puppy just goes running though the house and sides into the door/furniture etc.
  • I know!  Your heart stops and you silently pray that he doesn't get up from the floor, limping!
  • Fear and frustration set in!  
    You know you need to prepare your puppy for his sporting career, but you don't know if what you are doing is right, safe or even correct - for your puppy or for your sport!  ------  Give me another cookie!

Hi, I'm Angela Ahern, CCAS. and just crazy about Sporting and Working dogs!  I love these dogs and simply admire what they can do. 

I am a trainer and competitor in IGP and a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist and Adviser.

This just means that I am such a sport dog enthusiast that I studied on how best to protect their bodies in order for them to give the best performance they can.


I was paralysed by this same Fear.  Too scared to train my puppy, but knowing that not training is just as bad!

IGP is not an easy sport!  With 3 disciplines, tracking, obedience and protection sports, there is loads of training ground to cover! This is the same for most dog sports or working dog careers.

The current, basic rule of thumb out there:  Start 'em young!

  • But "Start 'em young" with what training?
  • And how much training?
  • What training is dangerous for a growing little body?
  • What training helps support that growing little body?
  • What training supports my puppy's working or sporting career?
  • What training will help me achieve and excel at my goals with my puppy?

These questions lead to one of two directions:  fear of action or overcompensation. Both are the start of damage for your puppy.

Both directions lead to disappointment.

All dog training is based on repetition.  We all know that repetitions are there to reinforce the training.  But what are you doing repetitively?  If you are showing that same wrong action/movement over and over and rewarding or validating it, you may be causing long-term damage to your dog. 

This damage happens with most handlers -  both novice and even seasoned competitors!  

The sad part is that the damage caused with puppy training, more often than not, only rears its ugly head when the puppy is an adult.

Something has to give way and it is normally the physical or mental niggles that come through, cutting your competitive career short, ending it completely or compulsory longer periods of recovery or rehab required.

Worse, some of these dangerous puppy training tips are encouraged or shown on various social media platforms as "training secrets to success".

This happened to me. I knew in my Gut this wasn't the way to train my puppy.  

I was frustrated!  I knew in my gut that what my trainer was showing me was not the way to train my puppy.  I was simply told what to do - not HOW or WHY they train that why.  

But they were supposedly the experts!  They had competed at Championship levels after all and I had not.

Yet, they could not answer my questions. That elusive "Why?" remained unanswered.

I either had to fit in or train on my own or somewhere else.  Needless to say, I wasted over a year of my puppy's life.

So I looked for the answers. 

I met my mentor by accident. He answered my training questions and changed my training in a way I could understand! I was on a roll. This started my path.

The more I learned, the more I saw other's mistakes and the more I saw how dogs where missing out on being given the proper tools to excel in the sports they so love to do.

This frustration turned to a deep sadness for the dogs, especially after my own dog got injured... and then HOPE!

I also saw that I was not the only one experiencing these feelings of fear, frustration or disappointment with their dogs. 

I dug further.  Not only in training, but also in balance, fitness and the physical preparation that our dogs need to undergo in order to succeed at the highest levels. 

Learning, studying and understanding has brought me to this point.

I want to help you help your dog achieve!  And the best time to start is from the time you first meet your new partner - your puppy! 

Your puppy is not a little big dog!

Preparing your puppy is not simply training him for your sport or work.  It is not just doing the same exercises you would do with an adult dog simply changing to lower jumps, or short sessions, or easier sport obstacles.

Your puppy's body is different to an adult dog and remains different until he grows and becomes and adult. How you address that young body is not with easier adult training.

Preparing your puppy for your sport or work is like preparing your runway for takeoff! You want to gain steady momentum for the ultimate launch!

It's not just about training for your sport.  It's about preparing your puppy's body to excel as the best sporting and working dog he can be!

Take yourself to a next level of understanding! Gain insight into your puppy's body and how to prepare it safely for a rewarding, long and healthy career.

Gain insight and peace of mind

  • Clear answers to your questions. 
    Get the answers to your "Why?"  Understanding only comes with the knowledge you gain while experiencing and conducting an exercise. Simply performing exercises alone does not add to your understanding.
  • Helping you achieve your future vision with your dog. Prepare  your puppy's body f or the sport you want to excel in.  This foundation is the most overlooked part of any sport training and preparation.  
  • Once you know these foundations, you'll be confident in all training with your puppy going forward.  Isn't that  that it's all about? Gaining confidence in your training, your sport and your approach to your puppy from know until he is and adult. That's the result you should aim for.  

Prepare your puppy where he is, for the best version of his big dog career 

It took me years to gain these insights, mainly because so few top trainers new them! Don't let your puppy lose out like mine did.

I want to share what I helped me so your puppy can benefit - they deserve our best afterall. 

What am I talking about?  The SOLUTION of course!

Preparing your puppy's body for sport and work

Gain insight into how you can train correctly so that your puppy acquires the necessary skills to excel in your chosen field of work and sports with our online course.

Watch and learn from our video lessons on:

  1. 1
    Understanding how to protect your puppy's skeleton as he grows - his joints, growth plates, soft tissue, muscles. How to protect their joints and growing bodies.
  2. 2
    Exercise is important! But the wrong exercise can end a promising career. Gain insight into what types exercises to concentrate on, how much exercise to do and what equipment is necessary.
  3. 3
    Gaining insight into mistakes that even top trainers make and how to avoid them. As your puppy grows understand how to progress and train safely with your dog's sporting or working career in mind.
  4. 4
    and so much more!...

What People Are Saying About our Workshops

“Everything is correlated to practical application.”

"Angela covers everything from where, when, what, why and how about fitness exercises. Very informative and fun and everything is correlated to practical application. She is super knowledgeable and able to accurately and in detail answer questions with good explanation."

Sam Pankratz
- Job Title or Role

“...very interesting and informative..."

“It is very obvious Angela knows what she is talking about. She is very interesting and informative. I like how she uses analogies to human bodies. It is easier to understand when relating it to dogs. It was interesting to see and understand why not all conditioning exercises apply to all dogs. She showed an understanding in your dog while explaining the correct exercises.

Melanie Feullgraf
- Job Title or Role

What People Are Saying About the importance of puppy foundational work

“Exercise is good for puppies!"

“I want to state that exercise is good for puppies! They need exercise for their bodies to properly develop and grow.  Exercise is not bad!

The danger here is when puppies and young dogs do not get the right kind of exercise."

Dr Erica Boling, PhD

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Angela Ahern, CCAS, CCAA, CMFR

Creator of Foundations of Preparing your Puppy's Body for Sport and Work

About the Author

Hi, my name is Angela Ahern. I have been in training dogs for over 20 years, training in dog protection sports (IPO/IGP) for over 11 years and have been a trainer and competitor for 10 years. I achieved a National Championship with my dog Ornella (who is also my reason for starting The Biokinetic K-9).
A small bit of background about me: I have also been a high school teacher, a trainer and educator for adult learning.  I am a qualified Moderator and Assessor and achieved a Black Belt in Okinawan Goju Ryo Karate.
I'm a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, Trainer and Adviser, Canine Myofascial Release practitioner and a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.
I specialise in sporting and working dogs - in particular those dogs engaged in impact and protection sports.

A proud Dog Sport Nerd. 

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Angela Ahern, CCAS, CCAA, CMFR

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