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Sashas Blend for Joints

Sashas Blend

Sashas Blend helps your pet play again.

It is a Veterinary Product designed for Complete Joint Health.

Sashas Blend is safe for both dogs and cats.

This product solution is a must if your dog is:

  • Active
  • Large breed
  • A Working or Sports Dog
  • Showing signs of slowing down and stiffness due to old age
  • Young puppies still developing their joints, especially in larger breeds (4 – 24 months)

Or is suffering from:

  • Hip or Elbow Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Osteo-Chondritis
  • Spondylosis (a degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis, of the spinal vertebra and related tissue. If severe, it may cause pressure on nerve roots with subsequent pain or paresthesia in the limbs)
  • Stiff or Painful Joints
  • Joint Injury
  • Reduced Joint Mobility
  • Is about to undergo Joint Surgery
  • Is recovering from Joint Surgery

Sashas Blend™  is approved by:

Medipet logoPetsure logo

South Africa’s top two medical aids for pets.

This means that their “veterinary advisers have approved Sashas Products and that they may award benefit towards using this medicine”.

Sashas Products must be “dispensed by a qualified veterinarian, registered with the South African Veterinary Council or if a script is provided by same, to obtain the product from a pharmacy.”

This wonderful news means that now joint problems can be pro-actively cared for by giving your dogs Sashas Blend™ as a preventative medication, especially in working and large breed dogs that may be more prone to joint injury or problems.

Sashas Blend Registration Numbers:

  • V18886 Act 36 of 1947
  • 140500 Act 101 of 1965

Peer-Reviewed and published, Sashas Blend boasts having the highest quality of science in the world.  Sashas Blend is also approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, the national registering authority for Veterinary Medicines as a pharmaceutical i.e. Sashas Blend is proved to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of degenerative joint disease.

Sashas Blend is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and approved by the Department of Health (RSA)  Medical Control Council.

Veterinary Reviews

Our group of practices have routinely recommended Sashas Blend as an aide in the treatment of arthritis in our canine patients for some years.

Sashas Blend is a versatile product.  I recommend it to owners who visit the clinic without their dog and describe symptoms of mild arthritis.  I also recommend it as a maintenance programme to follow a course of NSAIDs particularly where the client is seeking an affordable option.

I have found Sashas Blend very useful in geriatric dogs, for example, I have a 16 year old dog who suffers from gastrointestinal sensitivity and I am unable to prescribe NSAIDs as this causes gastrointestinal upset.  Sashas Blend is well tolerated and has improved arthritis symptoms significalntly.

We have been using Sashas Blend for 7 Years as our 1st choice nutraceutical for mild to moderate arthritis with almost 100% owner compliance and satisfaction with the pain relieve achieved for their pet.

I have found Sashas Blend to be a useful adjunct in the treatment of osteoarthritis from whatever cause.  I also recommend it to breeders of large dogs to help protect their joints from general wear and tear.

If your vet does not stock Sashas Blend they should be able to order it in from their veterinary supplier.

If you work for a veterinary practice and have any issues in locating a supplier, please contact Dog Solutions. We are happy to assist you.

Sashas Blend – Product of Wonderment!

Based on scientific results the Sashas™ formula is the ideal choice for long-term joint support at both the earliest stages as well as advanced Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD).

Ongoing research on the Sashas™ formulation has demonstrated that Sashas Blend

  • Significantly inhibits PGE2 production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain)
  • Increases cartilage cell viability and decreases the loss of GAG’s from the cartilage matrix (keeps cartilage in the joints healthy)
  • Significantly inhibits Nitric Oxide production (helps stop the production of the enzyme in the body responsible for pain)

Nitric Oxide is the partner of PGE2 in producing the sensation of pain.

Some treatments only deal with resolving the pain (the symptom) but the injury or disease continues to progress (the fall short of addressing the cause). Some products are helpful in joint health but don’t deal with the pain.

In order to provide a complete joint treatment, a joint formulation product needs to:

  • Deal with pain and inflammation
  • Promote improved digestive function
  • Stimulate healthy joint function
  • Stimulate healthy joint fluid production to enable optimum uptake of nutrients (without this the result of any treatment may be impaired)

Sashas Blend™ address all the key areas, the stimulation of healthy joint fluid production is also important to filter the nutrients through the synovial membrane. Without this the result of any treatment may be impaired.

For further information on what happens in the joint during the degeneration process, check out our Interpath’s Joint Degeneration Process Diagrams by clicking here

Sashas Blend reduces pain and inflammation, and protects joints from breakdown associated with arthritis and other inflammatory cartilage conditions.

Interpath has scientifically proven that the ingredients in Sashas Blend:

1. Significantly reduce PGE2 production* (reduces pain and inflammation)

2. Increase cartilage cell viability and decrease the loss of GAG’s from the cartilage matrix * (reduces cartilage breakdown)

3. Inhibit Nitric Oxide Production* (reduces the pain sensation and damaging oxidation of cell membranes within the joint)

4. Safe to take Long term – Protect the stomach and other organs (Components of Sashas Blend are known to help protect the gastro-intestinal tract and other organs)


*Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 2007.  Pearson. W., Orth, M.W., Karrow,  N.A., Lindinger, M.I.

Anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of Sashas Blend in a cartilage explant model of inflammation. [51, 1020 – 1030]

Sashas Blend is now one of the best researched joint health treatments in the world*!!

The unique all natural Sashas Blend formula possesses anti-inflammatory actives which reduces inflammation in a non invasive method with no side effects.

It promotes the growth of healthy cartilage and conditions the joints by helping maintain the fluid (known as Synovial Fluid) that cushions joints. The Synovial fluid is important for healthy joint function as it provides lubrication to the joint, supplies nutrients to the cartilage, provides impact protection for the joint and removes waste from the cartilage. Sashas Blend also suppresses the production of Nitric Oxide which is a major chemical produced responsible for pain and the breakdown of a healthy joint.

Sashas Blend also contains the full range of GAGS (glycosaminoglycans) including Keratin, Dermatin, Heparin sulphates and the commonly known Glucosamine & Chondroitin sulphates which provide the necessary nutrients required to stimulate healthy joint function.

EVJ Review of Studies – March 2009

Dealing with pain and inflammation:

Controlling pain and inflammation allows the animal to participate in daily activities and of course make life more comfortable in general.

Stimulation of healthy joint function:

The viscosity of synovial fluid needs to be improved to cushion the joint and prevent wear and tear to cartilage.  This will reduce symptoms of stiffness when arising and improve the ability to jump and run etc.  Running and jumping, pain free, is first prize of every pet and their owner.

In some circumstances Nitric Oxide can cause the animal to feel pain even in the absence of PGE2. It also behaves as a ‘free radical’ causing damaging oxidation of cell membranes within the joint.  Sashas Blend assists in suppressing Nitric Oxide production thereby reducing the damage to membranes within the joint and bolstering the production of synovial fluid within the joint.

Sashas™ South Africa aims to provide a range of articles and interesting items to its users which are associated to its current products:

New Sashas Blend Research Released  Interpath (the makers of Sashas Blend) research has been released on Anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of nutraceuticals from Sasha’s Blend in a cartilage explant model of inflammation with fantastic results…..
Sashas Blend Goes Wild!!  Click on the link to see Mogo Zoo’s ‘Oscar’ the Jaguar who is a regular user of Sashas Blend
Sashas Blend Hits The Radio!!  Interpath Managing Director Dan Bright was recently invited to do a segment on Petalk radio – a lifestyle show for pet owners across Australia – on arthritis in pets and the Sashas Blend story.
Media Release – Austrade (23 July 2004)  Click on the link to read the Austrade artice on Sashas Blend, a success story on the Victorian based company treating ailing animals limbs.
Taming The Pain  Click in the link above to read the recent MetPet magazine article on helping pets with arthritis and the amazing story of Bart the wild boar pig!

You can also read some of the testimonials that we have received. Great stories of some of our great heroes!

About Sashas™

The signature product in the Sashas™ range, Sashas Blend™, was launched in 2000 by Ballarat company Interpath, owned by Dan and Corina Bright when their own dog Sasha, began to show signs of lameness after exercise when she was only 11 years old.

Dan and Corina were already in the human health industry and had sufficient knowledge to question why veterinarians did not have a scientifically proven natural joint health treatment that could be taken long term without side effects. This chain of events was the catalyst for developing Sashas Blend™, named of course after their dog Sasha, the first dog to trial the product.

As well as using their own expertise, they contracted scientific facilities to research joint function and looked for natural actives and combinations which would provide outstanding results in terms of promoting joint function and mobility in dogs and cats.

After significant research and subsequent field trials, Sashas Blend™ became the first Australian developed natural arthritis treatment to achieve Veterinary registration with the APVMA in 2001.

Sashas Blend™ soon became, and still is, the number one selling treatment in Australasia. Following the success of Sashas Blend™ further Sashas™ products have been released such as it’s Human equivalent, Joint XL.

Interpath continues to focus on research and development. Soon to be published will be the results of their Equine joint health/pain relief product, a result of 3 years of ground breaking trial work including the discovery of a new active ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interpath, the manufacturers of Sashas Blend, is concerned about conservation and the environment, which is why their products have a certificate of export (CITES certificate) from the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

All ingredients are sourced from non-endangered species. Molluscs are harvested from commercial farms and our marine cartilage is harvested from prolific breeding non-endangered species under a quota system. All ingredients meet strict international conservation requirements.

The advantage of buying Sashas Blend in South Africa:

  • Sashas has been specifically formulated.
  • Sashas has been freighted and stored correctly.
  • The ingredients in Sashas are compliant and have passed South Africa’s import checks.
  • Sashas has been shipped to your local veterinary clinic with the utmost care, assuring optimum efficacy.
  • Sashas bought from your local veterinarian means your vet can fully inform you of your pet’s condition or any concerns.

It is difficult to compare other chondroitin and glucosamine products as there are many factors which need to be considered, including where they are sourced from, how they are treated and how effective they are.

Your pet’s body needs the full range of naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which include keratin, dermatin, heparin, the more commonly known glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as an equally important compound known as hyaluronic acid.

These are all found in the correct ratios in the GAGs in Sashas Blend.

The GAGs in Sashas Blend are marine-based which are more effective than GAGs from other sources, such as bovine trachea, as they remain in the digestive system longer. This allows the actives to be absorbed into the bloodstream to reach the affected sites.

Sashas Blend has had great success with dogs with hip dysplasia.

Animals with hip dysplasia have a larger than normal joint cavity and therefore a larger volume of the lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) in the cavity which takes longer to replenish.

It is critical for sustained well-being, among other things, that the synovial fluid is maintained and healthy.

The all-natural active ingredients in Sashas have anti-inflammatory properties, conditioning the joint to keep the articular cartilage and joint capsule healthy. For further chondro-protectivity, Sashas also contains the full range of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are readily absorbed where they are needed most.

We generally recommend that you build up to one and a half to double the dosage when treating hip dysplasia to ensure the joint cavity and synovial fluid are replenished and healthy. Once you see a consistent improvement in your dog you can reduce the dose to the standard amount, which will continue to keep your dog active and playing like a puppy.

If you are concerned about the effect of the product on your pet and are absolutely certain that Sashas Blend is the cause of the rash, please discontinue its use.

Sashas Blend does not contain any grains, preservatives or fillers and is a 100% natural marine-based product. In fact, Sashas Blend has been known to be beneficial to an animals’ skin and coat.

Skin irritation is not a common reaction to Sashas Blend. While it may be a form of a possible allergic reaction to shellfish, is it highly possible that something else may be causing the skin irritation such as seasonal allergies (e.g. to insects or spring grasses) or commencement of other medications.

We do get occasional reports of this happening and to date, there has never been any adverse side effects other than mentioned. However, if you have concerns, always see your local veterinarian.

Please report this event to Dog Solutions so that we can record the details.

Interpath has completed extensive safety data trials which include the toxicology of Sashas Blend and can assure you that Sashas Blend not only meets but exceeds the requirement of the regulatory authorities for veterinary medicines.

Your dog may experience some nausea, diarrhoea and possibly some vomiting, similar to what you would experience if you over-indulged on seafood. Simply make sure that you keep plenty of fresh water available for your dog to drink. You may even find your dog is a little overactive for a few days.

In the meantime, we recommend that you do not recommence administering Sashas Blend for at least another 4 to 5 days and starting back on a 1/2 dose for the first week.

Firstly, there is no need to panic!

Sashas Blend is highly concentrated and in rare instances, for some animals, this type of reaction may occur.

Cease administration and make water available. Wait for a day or so and recommence giving a very small daily dose only. If the reaction reoccurs, cease administration as your dog may have an allergy to molluscs/seafood. Consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

For some animals, the powder travelling down the digestive tract may cause irritation and subsequent vomiting. This can be solved by making the powder into balls with olive or coconut oil, natural yoghurt or a little of their favourite liver paste and administering directly into the mouth.

For you, the pet owner, choosing a joint health product can be confusing. Not only is it paramount that the product has to ‘work’ but you also need to ascertain value for money.

Dosage rates vary significantly for each product so you cannot just determine cost-effectiveness based on the retail price or pack size alone.

Instead, divide the retail price by the doses for your pet’s body weight.

For example, for an 11-20 kg dog, Sashas Blend will last 145 days. Therefore for a 20kg dog, the dosage price = retail price (Rand) ÷ 145 days.

Compared with most other joint health products, Sashas Blend is very cost effective.

Unlike some chews or tablets, Sashas Blend contains no fillers or binders, so each dose contains 100% active ingredients.

Do not give Sashas Blend to animals that have an allergy to shellfish or marine products.

Sashas Blend is not recommended for use in pregnant animals as we do not test on pregnant animals.

Sashas Blend is, however, safe to use on stud dogs.

The Sashas Blend formula is an all-natural joint treatment and can safely be used in conjunction with NSAIDs such as Metacam and Rimadyl. The unique gastro-protective properties of Sashas Blend may help to reduce the possible side effects of using NSAIDs over the long-term and may also allow the frequency or dosage of the NSAIDs to be reduced. In many cases, Sashas Blend will be able to be used as a standalone maintenance program where you may be able to wean your pet off NSAIDs completely.

We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian before beginning any new treatment to ensure your animal is being adequately treated with the appropriate medications.

Sashas Blend is fantastic as a preventative in young and active animals, particularly working and agility dogs and racing greyhounds, which may be prone to joint issues later on in life.

The preventative/maintenance dose is a half dose Sashas Blend and is a very economical option to ensure your pet’s quality of life.

Sashas Blend is suitable for all dog breeds of any age with hip dysplasia, joint injuries, or to dogs who are simply slowing down with age or arthritis.

Haliotis iris, which is one of the constituents, is known to actually be beneficial to the heart, but each case needs to be assessed by your vet.

Some patients may be on a restricted sodium diet, in which case the levels contained in Sashas Blend would need to be considered as part of the whole dietary intake.

Sashas Blend is safe to be used long term.

If using for working or racing/agility dogs, the dose can be reduced when not in full training and can be increased a few days prior to working or competition.

Sashas Blend is safe to give alongside prescription arthritis treatments and is also safe to give to pets with pre-existing conditions; however, it is recommended that you check with your vet.

There should be improved joint function and restoration of mobility within two to four weeks of taking Sashas products.

In some animals, a positive effect can be seen in as little as three days. In chronic cases, it may take up to two months to see a significant improvement.

Sashas Blend is primarily registered for use in dogs and cats.

Off-label, Sashas Blend has been used successfully by veterinarians to treat a circus lion, chimpanzees, camels, goannas, goats, chooks, horses, koalas and even rats and a chicken!

No, you cannot!

Unfortunately the actives are delicate and are damaged by any heating in food and or water above 30°C.

If your pet won’t eat it mixed in with their food then make it into balls and hide it in a treat. You can add it to warm food (below 30°C) just before serving, but please don’t cook it in anything.

If your pet is on a dry food diet or if they are a fussy eater, mix the powder with a bit of moist food or liquid or roll into a treat such as bread/ham/cheese or even a bit of their favourite liver paste.

You can also create a paste by spooning a week’s worth of Sashas Blend into a cup and mix into a dry paste with a little olive or coconut oil or natural yoghurt. Roll into balls and store in an airtight jar in the fridge. These then can be given directly into the mouth or more easily hidden in food or a treat.

Sashas Blend is easy to give your pet.

It is in powder form and pets generally love the taste.

The dosage depends on the weight of your pet – for instance, a 30kg dog would need one level teaspoon of powder mixed with food or drink once a day.

As Sashas Blend is a very concentrated formula, for the first week we recommend that you start on half the dose and then build up to the full dose.

Great for you

Veterinary Endorsement

“We have been using Sashas Blend for 7 years as our 1st choice nutraceutical for mild to moderate arthritis with almost 100% owner compliance and satisfaction with the pain relief achieved for their pet”.

-Dr. Michaela Keen BVSc, Lambton Veterinary Clinic, NSW.

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