Joint XL: For Humans

iStock_000003568706SmallJoint XL – Excellence in Joint Health

Nature’s Aid in the relief of Joint Pain, Stiffness and Arthritis.

Joint XL is a natural product, that excels in relieving Joint Pain, Stiffness and the effects of Arthritis.

If you suffer daily from the following ailments, then this product can aid you:

Stiff Joints
Painful Joints
Reduced Joint Mobility
Joint Injury
Are about to undergo Joint surgery or are recovering from Joint surgery

It also assists greatly with anyone in the following professions:

  • professional athlete
  • professional trainer or coach
  • rugby or soccer player
  • marathon runner or casual jogger
  • golfer
  • gym or fitness enthusiast
  • Physiotherapist to assist patients
  • all sportsmen and women
  • Chiropractors to assist patients
  • Medical Professional to assist patients

* Joint XL 90 capsules is a registered medicine – Nappi Code:  707211*001.  This means that if Joint Force/Joint XL is prescribed by your Doctor you may claim it from your Medical Aid

Interpath, the manufacturers of Joint XL  and Sashas Blend are international leaders in research regarding Degenerative Joint Disease for both humans and animals.

.mcc_logo* Joint XL 90 capsules is a registered medicine – Nappi Code: 707211*001. This means that it is listed on the National Pharmaceutical Product Index proving that Joint XL is as effective as NSAIDs for joint pain and inflammation.  If Joint XL is prescribed by your Doctor you may claim it from your Medical Aid

It works!

I have arthritis in my toe joints.  The pain was so bad that when walking, I had to stop and wait for the pain to subside. Since starting Joint XL i have had an enjoyable pain free winter.  Because the pain was gone, i quit taking them in summer and now in winter again I am experiencing the pain I initially had.  Needless to say – I am back on my Joint XL, although I will cut down on the dosage when I am pain free.  I will NEVER stop taking Joint XL.  Trust me, this product works!

Barbara MarshallToronto, Ontario

After being on numerous anti-inflammatories and suffering bad pain and swelling in my ring finger and pain and tiredness in  my feet which was said to be arthritis, my granddaughter gave me a container of Joint XL.  I can honestly say I have relief from pain, can move and bend my finger joints freely and tenderness alleviation in my feet. I will readily recommend Joint XL to any person suffering tiredness, tightness and pain in any joints.  Taken correctly, joint XL will help ease stiffened and aching joints.

Iniz KirstenObservatory, Cape Town

I’ve had 3 knee ope and because of deterioration, I have struggled with any weight bearing activity, relying on NSAIDs after any physical activity (even playing  in the back yard with kids). I was coaching football and had to take it easy at training sessions.

I’w just about finished my bottle of Joint XL and now I am actually playing football and enjoy regular runs around the park without needing to hit the NSAIDs.  I’ve always been skeptical about the effectiveness of these things but I make sure I take my Joint XL daily.

Alan Stroud Former All White (New Zealand)

I had been taking supplements of Fortified MSM, Grape Seed Extract, Glucosamine HCL, Glucosamine sulphate to help with my chronic hip pain.  With all this I was still very painfully limited in hip movement.  I started Joint XL and became pain free and quite mobile within 7 days.  Once I ran out of Joint XL the deterioration set in again.  It was evident I need to get back onto Joint XL again.  I am now walking and biking pain free and will never run out again.  I most heartily endorse Joint XL for anyone suffering joint problems.  Thank you so very much.

Robert W. KortumUSA

I have had an MRI showing both Osteoarthritis in my ankle and tearing and thinning of the cartilage in my hip joint.  I have been taking glucosamine and condroitin and fish oil tablets and was not getting any noticeable relief.  An advisor recommended I take Joint XL, as she also takes them.  That was 3 weeks ago and from being kept awake at night with the pain to almost no pain, it has been quite miraculous. Thank you!

Bronwyn CampbellNew Zealand


Is Joint XL safe to use long-term i.e. long-term affects?

YES! – Joint XL is safe and can be used long term.

Can I use Joint XL with a heart condition?

Each case needs to be assessed by your health care practioner. In general however there would be no complications that would arise from taking Joint XL for patients with heart conditions.

Some patients may be on a restricted sodium diet in which case the levels contained in Joint XL would need to be considered as part of the whole dietary intake.

Haliotis Iris, which is one of the constituents, is known to actually be beneficial to the heart.

Basically Joint XL is all natural food – but of course in concentrated form. It may be advisable to start on a single dose only.

Can Joint XL be used with other treatments?

Joint XL is a natural joint treatment and can safely be used in conjunction with other treatments. Research shows that this formulation helps protect against possible gastro-intestinal upsets cased by long term use of NSAID’s (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs).

Generally Joint XL may also allow the frequency or dosage of the NSAID’s to be reduced.

We recommend you consult with your doctor before beginning any new treatment to ensure you are being adequately treated with the appropriate medications.

Can Joint XL be used during pregnancy?

Joint XL is NOT recommended for use in pregnant women.

Allergy precautions

Do not take if you have an allergy to shellfish or marine products.

Heating and storage

Joint XL must be stored below 25°C / 77ºF and kept out of direct sunlight.

If you live in a hot climate area or during the summer months it is recommended (though not a requirement) Joint XL be refrigerated once opened to avoid damage from heat and light.

Heating Joint XL whether that be by adding it to heated food or mixing it with hot water is not recommended as high temperatures can sometimes destroy the active ingredients found in Joint XL.