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Prebiotics is very different to Probiotics.  Allow us to show you….


While the general public has long understood probiotics, PREbiotics are less known.

Stomax contains 100% Natural Prebiotics for Dogs and Cats

But there are significant differences between the two, including health benefits.

Probiotics are live bacteria as found in yogurt, other dairy products and pills.

Doctors often prescribe probiotics to patients on antibiotics in order to combat gastrointestinal side effects of the medication.

While probiotics have been shown effective in managing certain gastrointestinal conditions, they do not have the same power that prebiotics do.

  • First, probiotics are delicate — heat and stomach acid can kill them, rendering them ineffective before they’ve even been digested. This may pose a problem with dogs and cats as they generally have extremely acid digestive environments.
  • Also, those who don’t eat dairy foods for taste or dietary reasons may find ingesting adequate amounts of probiotics difficult, if not impossible.  Dogs and cats generally do not eat a whole lot of dairy.
  • Finally, we don’t know which “good” bacteria our unique bodies would benefit from. For some people and their pets, a certain good bacterial strain would be helpful.  For others, it may not. When we consume probiotics, we’re taking a guess at which bacteria might be helpful and hoping for the best. We’re also hoping the ones that make it past the heat and acid of the stomach will actually go on to provide some health benefits to our system.

Stomax is the only full-spectrum PREbiotic on the market in SA for your pets.

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