Bad Breath? Worry? Worry!

Bad breath may be a result of periodontal (dental) disease.

Pets may develop a build-up of plaque on and around the teeth. This not only causes discomfort and pain, but can result in:

  • bad breath
  • inflamed swollen gums
  • exposed tooth roots
  • loose or broken teeth
  • and weight loss (due to a refusal to eat).

Health Problems Caused by Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease may be linked to other long term health problems in the rest of your pet’s body such as heart and kidney disease. Periodontal disease has been associated with health changes in the kidneys, liver and heart muscle according to various published research.

Bacteria from the mouth may enter the vascular system periodically from infected, inflamed periodontal (gum) tissues. The body’s defenses may try to remove these bacteria before they can cause distant infection. However, sometimes the bacteria can lodge in remote sites such as on diseased heart valves, in kidney or liver tissue or even bones and joints and cause further disease.

Periodontal Disease Among Diabetic Pets

There is evidence that pets with diabetes have greater frequency of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease in diabetic pets may be directly related to the quality of the glycemic control in these pets.

Early detection and prevention of dental disease is critical.

You can start with these three easy steps:

  1. – An oral exam every 6 months
  2. – Brushing your pet’s teeth at home
  3. – Providing a proven programme to help maintain the health of your pet’s teeth – a product such a PlaqueOff Animal will help you achieve this.
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