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Gabriel: forever my champion!

I saw this post by Monique Anstee and just had to share it with our community.

The dog that was by best teacher most certainly did not make me look great.  But in my eyes, Gabriel was a great dog – My champion!


Our greatest dogs, or at least the dogs that made us look great, were not necessarily our best teachers.

The best teachers are normally the ones that made us look bad. They exposed every weakness, every hole, and made us rise to the occasion to get success.

So for all of the trainers out there who know plenty, they have learned this from their struggles and difficulties, not from their successes.

If you are struggling right now with your dog, seize the opportunity to learn. The dog in front of you has a myriad of lessons that apparently you need to learn. And know that you are not on your own in your struggles with your dog. Every great trainer has struggled, and it was only as they worked through their problems, that they found greatness.

Rarely do we get more dog than we can handle. Normally, we get just enough dog to completely shove us outside of our comfort zone, make us dig deep, but then find success.

It is important that we all remember this, when confronted with our next difficult dog! After a horrendous walk or training session, rather than feel defeat, take it as a challenge; a chance to learn more, and to get better educated.

It is why we all stay hooked year after year, dog after dog. Once you get used to being humbled, the learning becomes addictive.

Monique Anstee
Victoria, BC

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