We just received this email from Irma.  I had just come in from a busy morning and opened my emails…. Our day has just been made!!

We love receiving such wonderful feedback.  Thank you Irma for introducing us to your Mr McCloud!

I will gladly supply a testimonial.

McCloud is my 11 year old English Springer Spaniel that I imported from Finland to use for breeding and dog showing.

I had his hips x-rayed when he was two years old to make sure he was suitable for breeding but to my dismay he was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in both hips.

They were both graded as F which is seriously bad. I could not use him for breeding and also retired him from the show ring as soon as he become a South African Champion.

I kept an eye on him for any signs of pain or discomfort.

About 5 years ago I started to see the tell tale signs of him being in pain and struggling with his hips.

He would not play and run around like he used to.

The biggest sign for me was when he started to struggle to stand up after lying down.

He would struggle to get up and took a few very stiff steps before he could walk normally again.  I could see he was in major pain.

Right at that time, we happened to go to WODAC at Gallagher Estate and stumbled upon a stand promoting Sashas Blend.  Seeing all the evidence I decided to buy a tub and see what happens.

I did not see much of a difference for about 3 months but kept on giving it to him.

Then all of a sudden, one day he jumped up from lying down and easily walked out of the house.  The change from then on was quite dramatic.

He could get up easily after lying down.  He was jumping onto my bed with a single leap.  He trots around the garden like a youngster and runs like he is a puppy.

Looking at him you would never know that both his hips are terrible.

But the biggest thing for me was that I could see that he is no longer in pain.

He will stay on Sashas Blend for the rest of his life.
I will never take him off it.
He means too much to me!

Thank you Sashas Blend for changing my dog’s life!!


Eternally Grateful
Irma Bense
Midrand, Johannesburg

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