Before I picked him up I named him “Maharajah”

I walked past a cute puppy in a flea market pet shop and in a moment of insanity I insisted that I have him. Before I picked him up I named him “Maharajah”.

I had NO idea what a boerboel was or how huge they get or the complications attached to the breed…. However, there is not a single day that I regret ever making that impulsive decision to get my son. He was 6 weeks old and was not registered. When I say I had no idea, I mean I had no idea… therefore I was quite content to still buy him.

When he first went for his inoculations, the vet was concerned that his tail was docked and he did mention that Rajah’s frame looked a bit “off”. I didn’t think much of it and we lived on. At 6 months I sent him to be neutered and there were some complications etc …

Rajah was sent to Rigdemall Vet and that’s when my world almost came to an end… Rajah at 6 months old was diagnosed with, servere hip dysplasia, arthritis and elbow dysplasia. I was advised that he was inoperable and I should put him down….

There was NO WAY that I was going to put Rajah down… I think they tried to soften it for me and said that they would try an aggressive course of medication and see how he responds… I know that Ridgemall Vet was advising me according to what was best for Rajah but I could not accept it.

I started researching alternative natural or homeopathic treatments for Rajah’s conditions and that is when I came across Sasha’s Blend. Each bit of information I read relating to Rajah’s conditions kept referencing to ingredients founds in Sasha’s.

During that time I found Dr Gary Eckersley (MY HERO)…. With the work of Dr Eckersley, Sasha’s Blend, acupuncture, hydro-therapy (thanks’ to the wonderful team at Doggy Paddle) Rajah is now 1 year 8 months and still going strong…

–  Leyya Pillay

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