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Keeping Older dogs Agile

Your older dog may have difficulty in moving or be less agile.  This will affect his ability to perform some activities.

However, it is still important to keep them as agile and active as possible. Help ensure that they still have a life packed with good quality and enjoyment.

There are a number of things that will assist your older dog. Chat with your veterinarian as they may also help you with various options that will improve your senior dog’s agility and activity.


Some things to consider to keep your senior dog mentally and physically agile and active:


  • Games that offer mental stimulation, such as nose or scent work or puzzle boxes.


  • Ask your vet about physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or massage techniques that might help them.


  • Sometimes it may be difficult to physically help a larger senior dog due to their size. Consider looking at support harnesses or slings to assist you and your older dog when out on a short walk.


  • Ramps are a wonderful addition to have around the house. This is especially beneficial if your older dog is struggling with stairs around the house or getting in and out of the car.


  • Many senior dogs are not as steady on their feet as they used to be. This makes tiles or wood flooring more difficult to walk on. Consider putting down non-slip rugs or mats for your older dog.  It will make walking around the house so that it is easier without slipping. This will help prevent unnecessary injuries and boost their confidence in getting around too.


  • If your dog is still mobile and can go for walks, just not very far, consider shorter walks. Make sure the ground is flatter and more even on your route. This way they are still able to go outside and stretch their legs to enjoy the day. You may even drive them to a park that they used to enjoy walking around.  They get to wark around their favourite park and take a drive – bliss!



Older dogs who struggle to get around might start getting longer nails as they aren’t wearing them down by walking as much as they used to. It’s important to check their nails regularly end ensure that they are neatly trimmed. Longer nails are painful to walk with and can cause problems all along your dog’s feet, knees, hips and shoulders if not trimmed.

This is not necessary and can be difficult for an older dog who already had mobility issues due to stiff joints or arthritis.


Considering an exercise program to help your senior dog live a full life, please contact me at The Biokinetic K-9 today.

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