Jessie is an (almost 7-year-old) German Shorthaired Pointer bred by Dr Bob & Mrs Trudi Winter of Bhulisa Kennels in Durbanville. All her life she has been a hard-working gundog and Field Trial competitor as well as the best hunting companion one could wish for. And then last January (2009) she developed a lameness in her front left leg. So we did the normal thing and rested her for a couple of weeks, but the lameness just would not go away. It, in fact, became so bad that after just 15 mins of activity in the field she was reduced to hopping around on 3 legs. At this point, she went to our vet and he suspected a strained/damaged tendon. X-Rays and an ultra-sound was done and a strained tendon was noted.

So a small surgical procedure was completed to remove fluid and inject some medication which it was hoped, would solve the problem, but after more rest, this proved to be to no avail. A trip to the specialist then followed. This led to an MRI which showed nothing wrong on neck and spine (the specialist suspected either a tumour or trapped nerve) and so then a surgical scope was performed on her shoulder.

Unfortunately, this revealed that Jess had damaged the cartilage in the shoulder joint and also damaged one of the tendons that were judged to be beyond surgical repair by one of SA’s top specialist orthopaedic veterinary surgeons. As you can imagine, this news was pretty much devastating for such an active young working gundog. We were advised that the only course of action open to us was a special vet mobility diet and possible supplements, but that at the end of the day, we were told that her “working” career was over.

Enter Sashas Blend… I was told about Sashas by a fellow dog competitor and decided to give it a try as, quite honestly, we had nothing to lose. I started to see the improvement after about 2 weeks on Sasha’s and she was out in the field two weeks later for some very restricted and closely watched exercise.

Well, after nearly one and a half hours of activity, I decided to call it a day and watch her for signs of lameness/stiffness – none of which happened. The difference in this dog is very difficult to put into words to describe – you really needed to be there to see it for yourself. Jess went from being lame after 15 – 20 mins of activity, to be able to run and hunt for 2 – 3 HOURS and retrieve bagged game! (some of which weighed in excess of 10kg – or put another way, almost half of her own body weight!)

At the time of writing this, she has just completed another full season in the field, is enjoying life to the full and we are both looking forward to the next season in the veld together. Thanks for all the advice and thanks for Sashas Blend!!


Andrew O’Dell

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