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How to recognise inflammation pain

There is great value in recognising inflammation-causing symptoms sooner rather than later.

The later you recognise them the poorer the long-term outcomes may be for your fur buddy!

Sometimes recognising these symptoms may even be a precursor to a more serious underlying condition. Early recognition may lead to early diagnosis and more successful treatments.

So be diligent. Know what is “normal” for your dog because recognising that something is a “little different” is the first step to helping your fur buddy!


Here are some symptoms that may help you recognise systemic inflammatory situations that may be happening in your dogs’ body.


Inflammatory Pain Symptoms


Sneaky onset

Systemic inflammatory arthropathies (joint diseases) starts off quite sneakily. They generally present themselves as subtle changes but they can also be related to a viral illness such as gastro-enteritis.


Worse on waking

Systemic inflammatory symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness, are generally worse first thing in the morning. After about half an hour the symptoms may start improving as your dog starts moving about.

This time frame is important. Osteoarthritis is most aggravated in the morning but usually lasts for a shorter period.


Night pain

Inflammatory joint disease symptoms tend to be better with activity and worse with rest.

Look for clues: worse when lying down or resting e.g. in car journeys and then much better when “keeping active” or no symptoms when in training on the field or going for a walk.


Better with Anti-Inflammatories

Anti-inflammatories improve inflammatory joint symptoms (not the cause).

Keep alert to see if your dog cannot cope without a regular dose of NSAIDs such as Petcam, Metacam, Rimadyl etc.



A clue that something inflammatory is going on is swelling of the synovial joints without trauma.  This may be either temporary or prolonged. Especially look for redness on the skin or heat in the joint area and if multiple joints are affected. Don’t forget to check the joints of the feet and toes.


This is by no means the full list of symptoms but it is a good starting point to begin recognising inflammatory symptoms.

When using Sashas Blend, inflammatory joint pain is handled from 4 angles.  Sashas Blend is proven:

  • anti-inflammatory agents
  • pain relief
  • chondroprotection of the cartilage
  • source of essential building blocks for healthy cartilage and joints (assists repair)

Inflammatory Joint pain may present with any combination of these symptoms. These are helpful to use as a springboard to ask further questions in case of other conditions and associated ailments.

Ask your vet for Sashas Blend today to relieve pain and discomfort and to regain your fur buddy’s joy of loving life!

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