Ice - IPO 2008

Ice - IPO 2008 webIce is a strong, male, German Shepherd dog who was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  Upon diagnosis the Vet asked if I want to rather put him down.

He is a dog with such a huge soul and absolutely loves his training so much that there was no way that I could not put him down.

I had tried everything with little success.  Then by some small luck, I was introduced to Sashas Blend.  Ice went on to participate and compete in two Western Province and National Schutzhund Trials.

He cleared his one meter jump every time and the 1.8m A-frame was a breeze for him! His protection work was awesome!  I have a new dog!

The turnaround in his health and performance has been 180 degrees.

I will put every dog I own on Sashas Blend!

Thank you!

Peter Stemmet

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