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A rare moment of 2 seconds caught on camera with the dog and the toothbrush!

So your dog or cat gets up in the morning, goes to the bathroom to start their oral health regime with you …. and they brush their teeth?

I think not.

So quite easily, our pets start to develop some problems with plaque – yes, that build up of bacteria on the teeth we all get.  Plaque bacteria build up in such a way that they form a tough protein film over the teeth and this may lead to gum infections.

Plaque development affects most mammals, not only humans but dogs and cats too.

When dogs eat, much like us, bacteria can be left on the teeth. If not removed, the bacteria can solidify on the teeth forming a tough protein layer that is difficult to remove by brushing.

The general rule is that to effectively prevent the build up of plaque we need to brush at least twice a day, for up to 3 minutes.  This is a tall order for your pets but if bacteria remains on the teeth for 24 hours, they solidify to form plaque which is difficult to remove.

The "I'm not so sure about you brushing my teeth!" look.

The “I’m not so sure about you brushing my teeth!” look.

There are valid reasons why brushing our dog’s teeth might not be so easy – “he simply refuses to sit still for 3 minutes while I try to brush his teeth!” or “it’s the worst argument ever!” or you might simply forget. Lets face it, we all rather tend to forget to do unpleasant chores!

Whatever the reason though, luckily there is no major cause for concern.

There are a number of ways we can help prevent and even reverse the build up of plaque.

Bear in mind though, if plaque is left to build up without intervention it can become painful.

Signs that your dog may be suffering pain from plaque build up include:

  • reluctance to eat dry food
  • reduced interaction with chew toys
  • vocalisation when touching or going near teeth.

Before visiting your vet for the costly removal of painful plaque, why not try an alternative – affordable and delivered to your door…..


PlaqueOff Animal

PlaqueOff Animal power – a product of wonderment! For Bad Breath, Plaque and Tartar removal

ProDen PlaqueOff

PlaqueOff Animal is highly successful and an effective product used by both humans and animals to remove plaque. ProDen uses a patented recipe that includes a naturally rich source of iodine – Ascophyllum nodosum (an Arctic seaweed species).

The active ingredients alter the pH and typical environment of the saliva, helping to prevent further build up of plaque and tartar.  The bad breath caused by the bacteria in the mouth is then also reduced.

The exciting thing though is that the existing plaque and tartar is loosened and becomes porous – it becomes loose enough to detach from affected teeth or you can speed up the process with a light brushing and chew toys.

excerpts from James Watts, BSc Bioveterinary Science

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