At Dog Solutions, we live our products!

We live our products!   

My dog Ornella, and I! I still call her Puppy!

It started with my love for dogs and then training dogs and then training in dog sports!  But of course with active dogs comes fears!

Just like you, I needed to protect my dogs from the trials of training, dog sport and just allowing them to grow older, comfortably.

My biggest fear: Injury!

The more I trained my dogs, the more I saw that:

  • it is up to me to keep my dogs safe
  • arthritis and joint injuries are not reserved for old dogs
  • puppies need more protection than you know
  • hip dysplasia is more my responsibility than a discerning breeder’s

These were scary responsibilities!

My friends experienced that same joy of getting their new puppy or the fun play time with their dog. But they also lived with the same fears as me: What about our dogs’ joints? That first sign of a limp and your heart does a small double take!

What do I do? Like you, I wanted to prevent injuries. I wanted my dog to be comfortable as she grew older. I had already looked at what was available on the market and nothing provided complete joint protection as I needed it to.

And then I found Sashas Blend – my first product – and the birth of Dog Solutions.