A little bit about us!

Dogs and Dog Sport - that’s me.

Working dog owner as well as entrepreneur, writer, researcher, unshakable optimist, trainer of dogs at the club and avid IPO Dog Sport Competitor.  I am dedicated to helping my partner i.e fur buddy, with the best I can find.

Born and bred in Cape Town and raised with Maltese and parrots, it all started with my first “big dog”, a German Shepherd dog called Bruno.  We started normal companionship training – and I was hooked!


Gabriel – the best teacher ever!

Dog training found it’s way to my introduction of IPO (International Working Trials).

My best teacher in this sport was Gabriel, my second German Shepherd (you can see that by now I am a German Shepherd girl!).

When Gabriel retired, I bought my first imported German Shepherd from working lines, Ornella and I have not looked back.  I’m not an outdoorsy person, except when training my dogs.

According to my husband, I am horribly competitive, (a statement I vehemently deny) – and raging against that accusation, I entered my first National IPO Competition and together with Ornella, came 1st in IPO2.

Give me my dogs and my laptop – and my passions have an outlet!  This suits me down to the ground. My love for sporting dogs provide me with direction and being awkward with people, I love that my dogs understand me perfectly! You will see that some of my posts have a particular leaning to sporting dogs.

But sporting dogs have their own hang-ups.

Ornella and I

Protecting my dogs from the rigours of sporting wear and tear on their bodies is my main priority – and so my first import was Sashas Blend.

Best thing I could have done!! I have yet to experience a product that works this well in looking after my dog’s joints.  Even at the age of 10, Gabriel had no joint degeneration, no arthritis, no aches or pains.

Ornella started on Sashas Blend on the day she arrived in SA, (A+ hips) – and now my puppy, Artemis is on Sashas from 8 weeks old.

The same goes for all our products at Dog Solutions.

I wanted optimum teeth and breath and because my own stomach is a bit dodgy, I looked for the best in digestive health aid I could find for my dogs – research led me to PlaqueOff Animal and Stomax.

I needed to share this with my friends from dog sports and fellow dog lovers – and the rest is history. I love what I do.

I’ve been asked:

So how did you get here?