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Strong Foundations Allow You to Build and Rebuild.

Without foundations, you are building on Quicksand – a slow sinking of energy, efforts and time


Incorrect strength training may:

  • diminish your dog’s power
  • contribute to or cause muscle wasting
  • create injuries that only become evident and rear their ugly heads 1 – 2  years down the line
  • cause imbalances in your dog’s body if done incorrectly

Looking for an effective program that builds and compliments your dog’s sports training?




    where to begin with strength training for fitness and conditioning?



    Just what to do to build strength in your dog?


    Unafraid and clear

    on just HOW to execute an exercise for maximum impact

Do you want structured, easy to follow exercises?

A solid basis from which to build and prepare a winning conditioning program?

Introducing BK-9 Foundation Strength Program

With our Foundation Strength Program, you will find great value regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced handler.

Our program will help provide you with insight into fitness for sport and how a conditioned body promotes better execution of sporting movements.

You will discover:

  • The importance of correct form and movement for muscle activation, strength and body awareness.
  • How every movement in this course serves a specific and important purpose, each explained and demonstrated for you.
  • How each exercise forms part of the Essential Foundation for primary strength training on which you will be able to build your dog’s progressive conditioning program for a successful sporting career.
  • Foundational exercises that target and improve your dog’s total body strength.
  • How exercises, when correctly executed, become even more powerful for strength gains.

Every sport requires a solid foundation in strength training to assist with injury prevention and improve sporting performance.

Regardless of your sport, whether IGP, agility, flyball, protection sports, dock diving or lure-coursing, our Foundation Strength Program is your essential developmental starting point.

I concentrate on YOUR improved understanding. When you know better, you do better!

You can then apply that knowledge and your dog does better, adding huge benefits to your dog’s performance.

What’s Included:

  1. Video examples of exercises showing correctness in execution
  2. Watchpoints to watch out for when training the movement
  3. We cover some of the common mistakes in execution
  4. Reference PDFs for you to download
  5. Worksheets for progress and tracking your performance
  6. BONUS: LIVE group calls on all exercises including Q & A and problem-solving
  7. EXTRA BONUS: At the end, we get together in our live group discussion to create your Exercise Plan together.

High-Value Optional Extras:

  1. Direct access to me for one-on-one consultations for exercise problem-solving at a discounted rate for those participating in our program.
  2. Join our Foundation Strength mentorship program where you can post videos, ask questions, partake in live coaching and Q&A calls held every month and be part of a community of like-minded K9 sport handlers.

Most important though

It is imperative that you enjoy yourself! Have fun and enjoy your dog. Watch him as he learns what to do and learns about you. Make time to laugh at yourself and your dog.

Please video your training and ask questions.  The more you engage, the more you get out.

After all, it is the enjoyment of the journey that makes everything worthwhile!

Well, Hellooo!

Hi, my name is Angela Ahern.

I have been training dogs for over 25 years, training in protection sports (IPO/IGP) for over 15 years and have been an IPO/IGP trainer and competitor for 11 years, achieving a National Championship title with my dog Ornella. We received the highest Tracking and Protection scores of the trial. She is also my reason for starting The Biokinetic K-9.

A small bit of background about me:  I have also been a high school teacher, a trainer and educator for adult learning in management and hospitality (achieved the Medal of Excellence through City and Guilds of London for our school), I am a qualified Moderator and Assessor. I have also achieved a Black Belt in Karate and have been involved with athletes and competitors in human power sports (weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding) for most of my life.

I am a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, Trainer and Adviser (CCAS), a Certified Canine Myofascial Release Practitioner (CMFR) and am a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

I specialise in sporting and working dogs – in particular, those dogs engaged in impact and protection sports.

What makes me uniquely qualified to help you?  I understand the sporting dog handler and I understand what it is like to own, train and compete with a sporting and working dog.

I love my dogs, my sport – and my work allows me to culminate my passions and do what I love to do – teach.


I was so impressed by her passion to help clients, her knowledge, and her ability to connect with her clients and their dogs. It’s because of her that I now look at dogs with a different eye and have been serious about conditioning my dogs on a daily basis. Angela is extremely caring and attentive to what each dog needs, what their limits are (let’s face it, some dogs don’t like people hanging over them and touching them) and how far she can push the owners to be able to see and work on the issues. She encouraged and motivated each and every person in the seminar and had a fantastic way of engaging everyone. She had a very nice balance of theory and practical training where each dog got assessed and where the entire group got involved in the discussion. She changed my ways of looking at dogs forever and I’m extremely grateful for that! It shows that obviously, you can learn an “old dog” new tricks.

Learned so much more than I expected- and it was incredible.

The Webinar sound, video and slide show was fantastic and the practical relevance was phenomenal.  Angela’s knowledge, ability and quality as a speaker is mind-blowing.

I want so much more of these, pawlease!

Angela covers everything from where, when, what, why and how about fitness exercises. Very informative and fun and everything is correlated to practical application. She is super knowledgable and able to accurately and in detail answer questions with good explanation.

It is very obvious Angela knows what she is talking about. She is very interesting and informative. I like how she uses analogies to human bodies. It is easier to understand when relating it to dogs. It was interesting to see and understand why not all conditioning exercises apply to all dogs. She showed an understanding in your dog while explaining the correct exercises.


It is so awesome that you are looking out for your dog’s health! It is a pleasure to help you achieve your goals and we would love to help you with that.

Our Foundational Activation Strength Program is safe for all adult dogs that are healthy, functional and injury-free whether you are involved in dog sports or not.

It is great for non-sporting handlers to get more involved with their dogs and receive all the benefits of conditioning and fitness as well as grow a uniquely awesome bond between you and your dog.

The Foundation Strength Program is an 12-week training course but does provide for progressions on all exercises which you may progress with as your dog becomes more proficient in executing the exercises.

The course is open for 6 months after purchase.

You will need:

  • 1 x your Awesome Dog
  • Some of his or her awesome and favourite treats.
  • 2 x stable platforms with non-slip surfaces that fit the length of your dog in a square stand and/or 2 stable platforms with non-slip platforms that are a size your dog can sit on squarely and is not too high.

You may either make your own (as I did) or you may purchase an Aerobic Step platform or a Klimb platform (please ensure that these are non-slip).

This is my dog, Artemis on his platform.


Although some basic obedience training will be an advantage.  We train with a food or toy lure to encourage or help our dog to get into a position. Some basic understanding of a treat/reward/marker training system would be great.

If your dog can follow a treat in your hand with his nose, you are halfway there!

DEDICATED strength training is NOT advised for puppies or young dogs who are still growing. However, the movements of the exercises themselves are awesome to teach as skills that puppies and younger dogs may benefit from.  Ideally, all your dog’s growth plates (about 18 months of age for a medium-sized dog) should be closed before embarking on a dedicated strength program where exercises are performed as a repetitive motion with the aim of gaining muscle strength. It is not advisable for puppies to grow muscles that are stronger than their tendons, ligaments or bone density as they develop.

Any dog engaging in our Foundation Strength Program must be of sound health and function and should be cleared by your veterinarian to partake in our program.

This course is NOT for people who sit on the sidelines.

I want you to ENGAGE!  Dive in! Interact! Ask questions (even silly ones – I am an expert at silly questions!)

Share videos of your dogs, ask questions about you and your dogs! Your fellow course-takers community is for you!  You and your dog are a YES! This is safe training ground for those that want to learn, implement and understand.

Some of the movements may seem “simple” and not worth doing, but I encourage you to get your dog moving and perfecting them.  They form the foundation of all your more advanced strength exercises and you may be surprised what you see as your dog moves.

The Foundation Strength Program provides you with exercises, video descriptions and “How To” instructions as well as “How NOT to” instructions.

We include an explanation of points to watch out for when performing an exercise and when to stop performing the exercise i.e common signs of injury and fatigue

You will be shown guided progression outlines for each exercise along with a Workout Tracking sheet so you may monitor your progress and performance.

Each exercise is explained as to how it will benefit your dog’s particular sport.  As a Foundational Strength Program, sporting dogs will especially benefit from these exercises.

I provide the following bonus materials:
  • BONUS: LIVE group calls on all exercises including Q & A and problem-solving
  • EXTRA BONUS: At the end, we get together in our live group discussion to create your Exercise Plan together.
Please bear in mind that the Biokinetic K-9 is not a veterinary practice and cannot diagnose or treat injury.

This program is for fitness and conditioning of healthy, functional adult, sporting dogs who are injury-free. It is not designed to treat or diagnose a problem or injury.

If you suspect your dog has an injury, we strongly recommend that you see a veterinary professional who can guide you on your next course of action. Only once your veterinary professional has provided a written release from veterinary care and/or veterinary rehabilitation, stating that your dog may continue with a low-impact, foundation strength conditioning program, may you partake in this program.


I introduce and demonstrate exercises for building a foundation for strength and the progression thereof. I describe and show the exercises to you via video and photos along with written and spoken explanations.

We go over the how, the why and the what for, so that you have an understanding of how the exercise, your sport and the strength exercise go hand in hand.

For sure!

The exercises are useful for all dogs that are adult to senior and injury free. They are awesome for active pets and very essential for dogs who train for sports and work who require good strength to perform optimally.  The knowledge you will gain on how to perform the exercises and what to look for in your dog’s performance will help you with any other dogs that you may be training for a sport or work too!

Lessons have recorded live discussions on each exercise.  You are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to gain an understanding of an exercise.

You will be joining a private community. Here, you may post videos and ask for guidance and feedback from our community (this is optional).

If you would prefer more extensive support, I have one-on-one consultations and am happy to assist you directly.  These services would be available to all members who partake in the course at a discounted price.

Please contact me if you require more information.

You will receive the following emails:

  • A “Please confirm your subscription email” – it is especially important that you reply to this email to confirm your subscription to the course so that I may send you any pertinent information such as live webinar dates!
  • A “Registration Details” email – this email will contain your Username and Password information so that you may login to your course and access your information and material at our BK-9 Academy.
  • A “Welcome to your Course” email with all extra links to information that is beneficial to your dog’s fitness.
  • Access to the first few modules of the course immediately.  Further modules open after our first live call.

If you don’t receive any of these emails within a few hours after payment and enrolling, please check your spam box and let me know.

Once the enrollment dates close, I will be sending your emails with the important dates of our live webinar group training for exercise demonstrations, explanations, and Q & A sessions.

This is no problem at all!

All our live webinar sessions are recorded and will be posted online within 24 – 48 hours after the live event. You may watch them in your leisure time as many times as you like.

If you have any questions but can’t make the live webinar, simply post them in the comments section or pop me an email and I am happy to help you. If you have any questions on any upcoming exercises, again, simply send me an email, and I will be sure to address them in the upcoming live webinar and provide you with answers.

Please bark up my tree and send me an email!  I will contact you ASAP.

My contact email is

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