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Tips For Starting Your Dog’s Fitness Journey

Are you intrigued about starting fitness with your dog and need some tips on how best to start?

There are many reasons to start a fitness program for your dog. These may include weight loss, improved health, getting fitter or better sports performance etc.

Those first vital steps are what ensures that you stay on track and reach your fitness goals with your dog.

Here are some essential fitness tips:


1  Have a realistic goal:

Ensure your fitness goals are not set so high they are impossible for you to reach. The key to change taking one small step at a time. This is still going forward. Each week that passes ensure you reach a small target. No more than 2 new exercises a week is awesome! Do not focus on how far you still have to go, but rather on how far you have come!


2  Understand that strength is at the core of all exercise:

If you cannot go running with your dog, then we’ve got some good news. You don’t have to do it! Almost every single element of fitness begins with increasing your dog’s core strength. The good news about that is that you don’t need to sacrifice hours of time doing cardio right now. Resistance training is an important key to increasing fitness. It is beneficial and takes less time to do.


3  Speak to a professional:

While there’s plenty of advice online, there’s nothing quite like a good one-to-one session to set you up for success. Speaking to a certified canine athlete specialist helps set out guidelines. These include a balanced program leading to a fitness solution that is a joy to follow.

4  Get your foundations right:

There’s no point in concentrating on a single area of the body when first starting out. Get foundational proficiency before targeting various areas of the body. Advanced exercises start with excellent foundations.


5  Be consistent

Whether your fitness program is twice a week or many times per day, the key to results is consistency. Exercises that take a huge amount of effort become easier over time. This is where getting advice from a professional source helps. they know how to alter and progress training which is worth its weight in gold. The key to consistency: maintaining effort, as your dog improves in strength and cardiovascular fitness, add different exercises and intensity into the mix.


6  The importance of rest:

The body is a dynamic tool – one that needs to exert itself and recover to become stronger. Planning your exercises includes planning your rest days. This means not training every single day. Not carrying out the same form of exercise for days/weeks/months on end. This is a crucial aspect of hitting your goals – along with giving muscles time to repair and strengthen after each workout.


Quite simply, nothing beats getting the best professional advice on how to approach your fitness journey.

The Biokinetick K-9

The Biokinetic K-9 – Where Movement is Magical

You trust your vet with your dog’s health, so it makes sense to get guidance and tips from a fitness expert when it comes to achieving results.

The Biokinetic K-9 is proud to accompany those at all stages of their fitness journey. From starting out novice handlers through to handlers of competitive canine athletes, we are dedicated to seeing you hit your targets.

To find out more visit thebiokinetick9.com or sign up for a no-obligation chat.

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