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Exercise Ideas for Older Dogs

There are still plenty of exercises you can do with your older dog!

The only thing to remember is to observe your dog and go at his pace.

Stop if he looks tired or maybe struggling somewhat.


Here are some exercise ideas that your older dog will enjoy:


Man and older lab


No matter how old they get, dogs will still always look forward to their walk. You may have to take a shorter route and make lots of rest stops, but the enjoyment will always be there!



If your dog enjoys the water, swimming can be a great exercise. It does not put as much strain on sore joints and is a very good cardio exercise. Remember that your swim time is much less than your walking time.
Dry them off as soon as they come out of any water so they don’t get cold. Only let your dog swim if it is safe to do so. Ensure that your dog can get in and out of the water easily and safely. A life jacket is always an excellent idea for an older dog.


Scent games

As long as they have a good sense of smell, dogs will benefit from scent games at any age. It stimulates the brain as it is one of their primary functions from the time of being a puppy. Searching for their favourite treats is a great way to keep their body and brain in good condition.



Playing will always keep a dog young at heart even if his pace of playing may have slowed down. Some dogs never seem to lose their fun-loving puppy nature and still love to play with you. Play their favourite game, even when they get older. Keep games low and a little gentler so they don’t try to jump or twist for toys.



Most dogs are social pets. They might not be able to keep up with younger dogs and often get frustrated with puppy antics, but they’ll still enjoy seeing and hanging out with dogs their own age or dogs they get on with even if they don’t end up playing.



Old dogs can still learn a few training tricks. Continued training is a great way to keep an older mind active. Older dogs enjoy the opportunities to keep their brain working and they will always want to please you. Keep training gentle and fun to do.

For some training ideas for your older dogs, contact me at The Biokinetic K-9.

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