Prebiotics work in harmony with probiotics and supports healthy guts and good digestion.

A healthy gut supports the immune system and general health. When considering prebiotics and probiotics for dogs, it is often easier to deliver the prebiotics as a supplement.


In effect, prebiotics reaches the gut intact and provide a feeding ground for probiotics: the good bacteria. [consider prebiotics a probiotic fuel].

Without PREbiotics, probiotics are not as effective.  This is why supplements for both humans and dogs are often combination supplements – called Synbiotics.


When does my dog need prebiotics?


Not every dog needs prebiotic and probiotic supplements, although they support general gut health. If you are considering giving your dog this kind of supplement, check with your vet first.  If your dog is already receiving medication or treatment, this is important


Prebiotics may support your doggo in many ways:


1.  They keeping things ticking along


If your dog is blessed with a happy digestive system, you may think that you don’t need to give him any form of supplement. However, it is always worthwhile to take a positive approach and help your dog to maintain healthy bacteria by introducing a supplement into their diet.


2.  Helping maintain tummy comfort


High drive dogs carry much stress.  This is very true for most working dogs. When your dog can is anxious or stressed, it can have a knock-on effect on digestive comfort. This is especially true if the anxiety leads to them having a loss of appetite. Using prebiotics and probiotics, or a dedicated prebiotic fibre supplement can help to look after digestion during periods when your dog might be going through these stressful times.


3.  Supporting immune function


We can help our best fur buddy as they get older by assisting and promoting a healthy gut. Prebiotics can help to boost good bacteria in your dog’s gut. This good bacteria helps the digestive system to work properly and supports the immune system.


4.  Helping a sensitive tummy


Signs of a sensitive digestion system include:

  • generally tummy discomfort,
  • more wind,
  • a change in stools i.e., diarrhoea or constipation
  • generally a quieter doggo.

If so, you might consider giving prebiotics to help boost that good bacteria. If you see these signs over a period of time, contact your vet in case the problem is more serious.


It’s important to remember that prebiotics and probiotics for dogs are supplements.  They need to be part of an approved diet that is relevant to your dog’s breed, age and health.

Look for supplements that are veterinary-approved such a Stomax and are formulated for the size and type of dog you have so that you can be sure they have a positive impact.


Environment, training, stress, illness, medication and general change can affect levels of good bacteria.  During these times, supplements become useful.

When giving your dog prebiotics, you are creating an environment in their gut where good bacteria can flourish.

If you’re considering using prebiotics to support buddy’s digestion, take a look at Stomax for day-to-day tummy troubles. Stomax helps to bolster the naturally good bacteria in your dog’s system.

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