When we receive an email like this one – goosebumps!  We love it!!

Now, I feel I have to let you know for the record the results of Dexter’s X-rays. As you will recall we started him on Sasha’s just before he won Nationals 6 years ago (Yes it really is that long ago).

He didn’t have any injury or issues but as we had excellent results with Jessie, we thought that as he was a very active sport dog it might be a good idea – just as a precaution…

Last week we had his entire neck, spine , lower lumbar area and his shoulders x-rayed as part of a full medical check.

Imagine our pleasant surprise when the results came in… heading for 10 years old, and not only were his x-rays clear of any damage or injury, what impressed and surprised our vet was that his ENTIRE SKELETAL STRUCTURE shows absolutely no sign what-so-ever of even early arthritis or wear at all.

Could this be the result of maintenance dosage of Sashas Blend?   I certainly think so!!

Secondly, our vet was (tongue in cheek) ‘unhappy’ with us having him on PlaqueOff…. He stated that since we have had Dexter on this he is losing business on his dental as Dexter’s teeth are in, and I quote, “perfect condition”……

So, yes, undeniably, Sashas Blend and PlaqueOff – the results speak for themselves.

There is no better long term investment I would rather make in my dogs’ health… Thanks.

And if you want too, please feel free to use any of the above comments for advertisement on your web – I certainly can back up any claim with real life results…

Thank you Andrew for writing to us!

Paws 4 Effect Photography

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The gallery above are photos of Dexter taken by his owner, Sarah.  You can see some more of her beautiful photos of Dexter, Jessie and Monty at Pawz 4 Effect where they are the heroes of their own story.

I love it!


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