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I just read an interesting article titled:

Does feeding dry food or crunchy food to your dog make a difference in his teeth or prevent dental disease?  written by Dr P Kuhly DMV MBA

To summarise, it said:

When formulating ideal diets for dogs, there are loads of things to consider.  The variables involved in finding the perfect diet for an individual animal are endless. However, when considering what’s best for your dog’s teeth, in Dr Kuhly’s experience, people assumed they knew the answer.

There is no one right answer for every pet. Actually, some crunchy foods do next to nothing for pet teeth while others have passed rigorous standards and are proven to reduce plaque to some degree or another.Puppy Bulldog

Dr Kuhly raised some interesting questions:

Each dogs’ individual chewing behaviour varies from dog to dog.

Is every piece of kibble being chewed or are those lumps simply swallowed?

Some pets are gulpers and these hungry ones bypass mastication altogether. If your dog is a non-chewer, there’s no way that even the most effective tartar-preventing foods will do anything for their teeth.

Then there was the question:

Does Crunchy or Dry Food Make a Difference in Your Dogs Teeth?

The Answer in short: No, we don’t know whether dogs fed a lifetime of crunchy food (including proven plaque-reducers) suffer less periodontal disease than those that eat foods that are not specifically proven to reduce plaque.

Is this all trivial or even irrelevant?

Absolutely not.

For example, many dogs’ medical conditions require moistened foods (such as overweight cats or cats and dogs with specific urinary issues). Many pet owners may be resistant to feeding moist foods (even when their pets really need it) for fear their pets’ teeth will suffer. Meanwhile, there’s very little evidence to prove that our pets are any better off eating crunchy food…and plenty of evidence to suggest that some diseases and specific health concerns may require the softer stuff.

So to conclude:

The belief that a typical dry food only diet keeps the teeth cleaner should be regarded with a little bit of skepticism. Normal moist and dry foods seem to neither promote nor decrease plaque accumulation.*

But we do know that dental hygiene is very important to contributing to a long and healthy life for your dog or cat.

With all these things to consider, a very simple answer and solution is at hand no matter what you feed your pets.

Girl and White Shepherd - POA


PlaqueOff Animal, tested and proven, is the answer **

Does it matter whether your pet chews hard kibble? – No.

Does it matter if your pet is a gobbler? – No

All that matters is that PlaqueOff Animal gets into their system so it can get to work.

No mess. No fuss. PlaqueOff Animal everyday, once a day, will clean teeth and keep them clean. It’s that easy!


* Harvey CE, Shofer FS, Laster L. Correlation of diet, other chewing activities and periodontal disease in North American client-owned dogs. J Vet Dent. 1996; 13: 101-105.
** Wikner S, Bonello D, Miolo A. “Effects of Ascophyllum Nodosum on Halitosis, Plaque and Gingivitis. A Controlled Clinical Trial in Dogs.”, December 2010. Web. 20 February 2011.

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