Good morning Cinnamon and Pepper!

Good morning Pepper and Cinnamon!

We just received this letter this morning!  I have goosebumps.  Thank you Peni, for telling us about your brave puppies, Pepper and Cinnamon (love the names!)

Last year I lost my faithful furry friend of 15 years, and it was devastating. I decided there and then that I was never going to have another dog. Well, that only lasted 2 months, before I realised that my home and heart were empty. I contacted our local animal rescue group, and as luck would have it, they had just rescued two tiny little sisters, found on a rubbish dump next to their dead mother and siblings.

I took one look at them, and took them home!

They were emaciated, covered in mange, and very untrusting of humans. They wanted nothing to do with cuddles or love, just food! Day by day though, they got better. The mange cleared up, their bodies filled out, and their hearts softened. I’ll never forget one night when I sat down after dinner, and Pepper, the black one, crept slowly, slowly onto the couch and put her head on my lap.

Couch Kings in training!

Couch Kings in training!

At five months old I started noticing that Pepper would often cry when they were playing. I also noticed that Cinnamon had this weird, bunny-hopping way of walking! I started watching them more closely, and saw that they both struggled to get up once they had been lying down for a while.

I took Cinnamon to my vet, as she was the worst, and they confirmed with X-rays and tests that she had very bad hip dysplaysia. Because they are sisters, we can safely assume that they both suffer from it. The vet gave them anti-inflammatories and told me to watch them closely. I wasn’t happy about them being on anti-inflammatories long-term, but I didn’t see that I had a choice.

Sadly though, the medication didn’t seem to help and they were getting worse. My vet suggested the unthinkable, having them euthanised.

I did the only thing I could, and started googling.

Time and time again, I saw articles about Sasha’s Blend. I thought that I had nothing to loose, so why not try it, and I ordered a tub. It took a good month before I saw a difference, and it has just improved with leaps and bounds since then. My poor little girls can now play rough as all puppies should, without yelping in pain. They can also jump for the first time! It is just wonderful to see!!

Thank you, Sasha’s Blend, for making the lives of my puppies SO much better!

Thank you for sharing Cinnamon and Pepper’s story with us!

Cinnamon and Pepper - Couch Kings!

Cinnamon and Pepper – Couch Kings!

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