No, not all joint formulations are created equally.

As always, we keep a lookout on information important to keeping your pet safe and healthy.

In a recent interesting, reviewed and published study on the:

Quality of different chondroitin sulfate preparations and how they effect the therapeutic activity.“,

it was found that most nutraceutical joint products did not contain Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients and where potentially harmful as quality and therefore safety and efficacy was not ensured.

As a consequence, source material, manufacturing processes, the presence of contaminants and many other factors contributed to the overall biological and pharmacological actions of these agents rendering them potentially harmful.

Pharmaceutical grade.

Sashas Blend is proud to announce that ALL our ingredients are human and pharmaceutical grade.

Sashas Blend is a nutraceutical that has gained APVMA registration (full veterinary registration in Australia). Sashas Blend is a product that is back by over 10 years of product specific research.

There are stringent requirements relating to the efficacy and safety for products to gain APVMA registration. The research involved with Sashas Blend has involved in-vivo safety and efficacy assessments and in-vitro studies.

Most significantly the research, independent and subject to several layers of peer review, has identified the specific pathways and mechanisms by which Sasha’s Blend has its clinical benefits.  The results of the projects have been submitted and accepted for publications in highly credible scientific journals including Molecular Nutrition and Food Research and the American Journal of Veterinary Research.

Human grade constituents are used in Sashas Blend and strict quality control protocols are in place as required for APVMA accreditation.


So how does Sashas blend stand out?

Joint health for Dogs and Cats

Sashas Blend bases all its claims regarding efficacy and therapeutic benefit on 1st hand product specific scientific research using the Sashas Blend formulation.

This means that extraction and manufacture methods adhere to strict protocols ensuring highest quality. Each ingredient is proven to work synergistically and harmoniously together for improved benefit.

Every jar of Sashas Blend is guaranteed to be the same quality of product that is used in their research.

Sashas Blend formulation is guaranteed and proven safe and effective.


What can you do to avoid wasting money on products that aren’t helping your furry family?

When looking for a joint formulation for either your pet or yourself, remember to look for the following:

Can the product provide:

  • product specific science according to its formula in the jar? i.e. was this product the subject of the science being quoted by the manufacturers?
  • proof on the quality of the ingredients
  • proof on the active level of the ingredients
  • proof that the ingredients work beneficially together for best results
  • product specific proof of their claims

Sashas Blend can do all of this, and a little extra:

  1. Proven Pain Relief
  2. Proven Anti-Inflammatory Agent
  3. Proven Chondroprotection
  4. Proven source of essential building blocks for health cartilage and joints



Sashas blend comes with their guarantee. We have never had one problem, only results. And they personally guarantee quality, with no compromise.

“We guarantee that each jar Sashas Blend does everything it is proved to do.  That it is why it is registered on the National Pharmaceutical Product Index accepted by Pet Medical Insurances throughout South Africa.”


*Quality of different chondroitin sulfate preparations in relation to their therapeutic activity.

J Pharm Pharmacol 2009 Oct;61(10):1271-80, N. Volpi

More information on Sashas Blend may be found on our website

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