Puppy and young Visla
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7 Reasons Why You Need To Strengthen Your Pet

7 Reasons Why You Need To Strengthen Your Pet ~by Dr Megan Kelly of Holsiticvet We all get told the benefits of exercise and strength training for ourselves but how many of us see the same importance for our pets? So lets see what the benefits…
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"I think the eyes and smile say everything" - Andrew O'Dell

In memory and admiration of a very grand old lady.   I asked Andrew if he would mind that I dedicate a Newsletter to his beautiful girl, Jessie. Jess, a working and very active German Short-haired Pointer, passed at the very…
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Dogs: Thinkers, not Machines

Sport dog rearing programmes and philosophies - yes there are many of them out there.   Many programmes centre on the concept of controlled resource allocation.  Heavy crate time, restrictive devices is generally called for, placing…
woman hugging dog

Our greatest dogs

I saw this post by Monique Anstee and just had to share it with our community. The dog that was by best teacher most certainly did not make me look great.  But in my eyes, Gabriel was a great dog - My champion!   ur greatest…
Australian Cattle Dog catching frisbee
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Why Title a Dog?

I was so touched by this article that I had to share it here. Having just come back from the German Shepherd National IPO Championships, this article could not be more true for not only me and my dog but for the people I train with. This…