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When does my dog need PREbiotics?

Prebiotics work in harmony with probiotics and supports healthy guts and good digestion. A healthy gut supports the immune system and general health. When considering prebiotics and probiotics for dogs, it is often easier to deliver the…
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Does my dog need PREbiotics? Yes.

We know that probiotics are friendly forms of bacteria that live in the intestines and can improve our health as well as our doggo’s, in many ways. Veterinarians recommend probiotics for everything from treating digestive conditions to…
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5 Fun Facts About Your Dog's Teeth

Most dogs have a full set of gnashers! But hey, my dog's teeth don't look much like mine! Have you ever wondered about them?   Here are 5 fun facts about your dog's teeth   1. They have two sets, (just like us) Young human…
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The importance of oral health in dogs

This is a super video from The Vet Society.  It explains the progression of oral health in dogs, how easily their oral health can go downhill and why it is SOOO important to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy!     PlaqueOff…
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Overweight dogs live less

Study finds overweight dogs live shorter lives. Although this is a New Research published Feb 13, 2019, it's not new news. Pets, like people, have a shorter lifespan if overweight.   But let's see the research: Banfield Pet…
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Heads Up Obedience - Physical Ramifications?

Some of you may know that I am actively involved in sports and competition with my dogs - I love it!. This includes obedience at a competitive level. For those that don't know what this looks like:  the dog walks on your left-hand side…
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"I think the eyes and smile say everything" - Andrew O'Dell

In memory and admiration of a very grand old lady.   I asked Andrew if he would mind that I dedicate a Newsletter to his beautiful girl, Jessie. Jess, a working and very active German Short-haired Pointer, passed at the very…
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Christmas - Keep Your Fur Buddy Safe With Some Safety Tips These Holidays

Christmas isn’t too far off. This means a house full of people from family to visitors and potential pet hazards.   Is this your first Christmas with your dog, puppy, cat or kitten?   Don’t panic. We're here to help with some handy…
Tick Twister
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Dogs: Thinkers, not Machines

Sport dog rearing programmes and philosophies - yes there are many of them out there.   Many programmes centre on the concept of controlled resource allocation.  Heavy crate time, restrictive devices is generally called for, placing…
Australian Cattle Dog catching frisbee
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Physical Therapy - Is my dog a candidate?

The need for rehabilitation for our fur buddies has evolved from mainly post-operative cases to include a wide range of disabling conditions seen in: working and performance dogs agility dogs and family pets. Below are some conditions…
Ornella - Feb 2013

Nastiest Parasite to Latch onto Your Pets

Tick season is either already here or is headed your way if you live where these little bloodsuckers thrive during the warmer months. Tick-borne diseases are reaching epidemic proportions and these parasites are constantly expanding their…
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Latest Study: Dogs and a High Meat Diet

The following Media Release (updated 18 Jul 2017) was issued from AgResearch in New Zealand. Dog owners can improve the well-being of their canine companions by serving up a high meat diet rather than the “human-like” food favoured by…
pet physio
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Rehab - Body Revamps for Fur Buddies

Canine Physical Therapy - a commonplace rehab solution in Europe in the 1980s.  It is building wonderful momentum right here in South Africa. We love what our rehab therapists can do for our dogs and have experienced their fine work first…
Retriever agility jump
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Injury prevention and the canine athlete

This article I found very informative and certainly provides handlers of canine athletes with information on how we can assist our dogs to remain injury free. by Amie Lamoreaux Hesbach, PT, DPT, CCRP, CCRT Empower Physio PeT, Maynard, MA The…
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5 Signs Your Dog May Have Ticks

Ticks are eeky parasites that can cause a variety of problems for your dog or cat. Coming a variety of sizes (from smaller than a sesame seed to the size of your thumb nail [and sometimes even bigger!]) spotting these tiny bloodsuckers in…
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Orijen and Acana - What's the difference?

Both Acana and Orijen are made by the same manufacturer, so the question everyone asks is:  Whats the difference? Because you want to do right by your dog, you want all the information you can get on the difference between the two foods. Let's…

A World First - Twins Born in SA

History Made: A set of twins born in SA are the First of their kind in the World ust east of Johannesburg, a pair of identical twins were born and they are the first of their kind in the world. No, they weren’t joined by the hip, nor do they…
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Floating kneecaps?

What is this about Floating Kneecaps? Typically found in smaller breeds, there is painful condition known as floating kneecaps, or luxating patellas. Learn what causes the condition and what you can do to prevent or treat the problem in your…
Dog front smile
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How to reduce Plaque and Tartar

o your dog or cat gets up in the morning, goes to the bathroom to start their oral health regime with you .... and they brush their teeth? I think not. So quite easily, our pets start to develop some problems with plaque - yes, that build…
Man and Bernese
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Common Dog Allergies (Atopic Dermatitis) and the importance of Prebiotics

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics for common dog allergy (atopic dermatitis) This is a new review study in people, but much of the research can likely be applied to our pets too. And with the increasing incidence of allergies, and…
clean teeth
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Vets recommend PlaqueOff Animal every time!

We could not have said it any better.  Learn about Plaque, Tartar and your pets oral health in this easy video. Proden PlaqueOff Animal is what we use on our own dogs teeth and they are pristine! Read more about PlaqueOff Animal on our…
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Not everything with a label, makes it acceptable.

No, not all joint formulations are created equally. As always, we keep a lookout on information important to keeping your pet safe and healthy. In a recent interesting, reviewed and published study on the: "Quality of different chondroitin…
kitten and cat tail

The Tails Your Cat Can Tell You

Cat tail communication is interesting and can help us respect our cats emotions more accurately. A cats tail is constantly on the move and one of the most obvious uses is for self-expression. The position of the tail (and don't forget…
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Give your dog his Dews

Because I train my dog in sports and she is required to turn and react quickly, this article was of particular interest.  Our dog's feet and toes are the only points of contact with the ground and we need to keep them in optimal condition.…
little dog sleeping on his back
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Happy Tummy - Happy Puppy!

This is one of the latest snippets on Prebiotics - yes!  the same Prebiotics found in our Stomax. Although the information relates around human health, the very same principles apply for our pets and what they eat. Happy tummies make for…
puppy with cute snarl
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PlaqueOff slows deterioration after dental cleaning

Does this sound familiar? You have had your dog or cat's teeth cleaned professionally. It is costly, but your pet survived and their teeth is clean. However, to your dismay, you find that the plaque and tartar have come back even faster…