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Make your Puppy’s Tummy Happy!

This is one of the latest snippets on Prebiotics - yes!  the same Prebiotics found in our Stomax. Although the information relates to human health, the very same principles apply for our pets and what they eat. Happy tummies make for happy…
puppy with cute snarl
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PlaqueOff slows deterioration after dental cleaning

Does this sound familiar? You have had your dog or cat's teeth cleaned professionally. It is costly, but your pet survived and their teeth is clean. However, to your dismay, you find that the plaque and tartar have come back even faster…
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Raven’s raving!

Name: Raven (Champion Rhonabwy Raven Ov Bear CDX ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM GDX SDX ET) Breed: Border Collie Age: 6 years 2 months Favourite sport: Agility Problem area: Lame front shoulder When did it occur: 18 months of age Physio’s…
Tiger in tunnel
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Tiger – from zero to Hero!

Tiger was rescued at 6 months of age. He was suffering of mange, secondary infection and a severely deficient immune system. 8 Months of medication finally did the trick. It took Tiger another 2 years before he was able to trust mankind…
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Jessie – Our amazing German Short Haired Pointer!

Jessie is an (almost 7-year-old) German Shorthaired Pointer bred by Dr Bob & Mrs Trudi Winter of Bhulisa Kennels in Durbanville. All her life she has been a hard-working gundog and Field Trial competitor as well as the best hunting companion…
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When we receive an email like this one - goosebumps!  We love it!! Thank you Andrew for writing to us! The gallery above are photos of Dexter taken by his owner, Sarah.  You can see some more of her beautiful photos of Dexter,…
dog hugs
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Crunchy food – does it prevent dental disease?

I just read an interesting article titled: Does feeding dry food or crunchy food to your dog make a difference in his teeth or prevent dental disease?  written by Dr P Kuhly DMV MBA To summarise, it said: When formulating ideal diets…
Stomax Dog and Cat
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What is a PREBIOTIC?

What is a PREbiotic? In short, the PREbiotic is a specialised plant fiber that beneficially nourishes only the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon. While probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut, PREbiotics act as…
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10 Most Important things you need to know about Hip Dysplasia

By Carol Beuchat PhD   Hips are a hot topic in dogs, if it's possible to stay "hot" for 50 years. Researchers have been working hard for decades looking for solutions, and breeders have been doing their best to reduce the risk of producing…
Ice - IPO 2008
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Ice, Ice baby!

Ice is a strong, male, German Shepherd dog who was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  Upon diagnosis the Vet asked if I want to rather put him down. He is a dog with such a huge soul and absolutely loves his training so much that there…
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10 Reasons to take care of your pet’s teeth

10 reasons for using PlaqueOff Animal every day: 1. Healthy teeth equals better breath! - A much better good morning hug from your pet! 2. Bad Breath and teeth may lead to dental disease which can actually lead to problems with your…
Australian Cattle Dog catching frisbee
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Why Title a Dog?

I was so touched by this article that I had to share it here. Having just come back from the German Shepherd National IPO Championships, this article could not be more true for not only me and my dog but for the people I train with. This…
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Prebiotics are NOT Probiotics

Prebiotics is very different to Probiotics.  Allow us to show you.... PREBIOTICS ARE NOT PROBIOTICS While the general public has long understood probiotics, PREbiotics are less known. But there are significant differences between the…
Tick Twister

Tick removal. There is a wrong way.

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to remove these little parasites. This article is for both pet owners, and professionals alike. What are you doing about it? Even with the best tick prevention our dogs, cats and horses will still manage…
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Before I picked him up I named him "Maharajah" -  Leyya Pillay Wendywood
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Periodontal (dental) disease.

Bad Breath? Worry? Worry! Bad breath may be a result of periodontal (dental) disease. Pets may develop a build-up of plaque on and around the teeth. This not only causes discomfort and pain, but can result in: bad breath inflamed…
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Bad Breath? Take action!

When Halitosis (bad breath) raises its head, it’s time to take action. Halitosis may result from tartar buildup on the teeth. This marks the start of odour-producing bacteria. After eating, small particles of food can be left behind in…