Painful Joints do’s and don’ts

If you have painful joints and arthritis, you know the symptoms all too well. Your pet with arthritis has the same experience. They slow down, have difficulty getting up, or appear to limp (especially after exercise and at night). Your first…

Virtual Workshop

How can you PREVENT your dog from INJURY if you don't know what it looks like?Discover easy body checks to expose injuries or tight muscles that your active or sporting dog may be hiding from you… especially if you are a sport dog handler!No…

Angulation and Performance

How your dog's angulation affects our sport and our conditioning decisions

6 ways to add quality years to your senior dog

We all want long comfortable lives for our senior dogs! Heck, we want that unrealistic ideal of having our dogs live forever. That eternal search for the fountain of youth eludes even our pet world. But that doesn’t that we can’t help…

Step Ups

Similar to human lunges. Also known as Mountain Climbers

3 Things that block your progress

  What are the main reasons people don't progress in canine conditioning and fitness?  Or their program is just not giving them results they need in their sport? I have seen people on various dog sport/training groups talk about…

K9 Fitness – is it the latest fad or a vital necessity?

  I have noticed that there are quite a few people, from sport and working dog owners through to pet owners that feel that canine fitness training is really just a fad. I actually know some handlers who actually laugh at some of…

Conditioning Principles

Principles of Progression Overload, both physically and mentally, when implementing and drawing out your Conditioning Program

1 Day Mini Workshop

JOIN OUR LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING WORKSHOPYou have the Power to Take Your Dog FurtherDate & time :Tues, 23 Feb 2021Sat, 27 Feb 2021Completed5.00 pm SAST  |  10am ET  |  9am CT  |  8am PTNext Workshop starts…

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Your dog’s structure matters

Your dog's structure matters! You may not realise it, but it actually matters a lot! It is a very important consideration to look at when doing sport or when designing your fitness program to complement or enhance your dog's sport or improve…

Open Q & A Sessions

Open Sessions are especially for you to get questions answered. 

Speed | Mental Fatigue

We had two awesome questions tonight:

  • Increasing speed and returning to speed sports after an injury.
  • Managing Mental Fatigue

Lateral Stepping / Side Stepping

Considerations and the impact of Lateral Stepping

The Lateral Crunch

We look at the lateral crunch as a strength exercise.

Better Sport Performance and Canine Athletes

A dog that is properly conditioned and has performance fitness for the sport that he partakes in or for the job that he has to do, performs better and is less likely to get injured. When an injury occurs, they are generally less serious or…