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3 Things that block your progress


What are the main reasons people don’t progress in canine conditioning and fitness?  Or their program is just not giving them results they need in their sport?

I have seen people on various dog sport/training groups talk about things that truly changed the effects conditioning has on their dogs.

In particular, they mention the reason why THIS time it worked when they never saw the results or benefits for their dogs before.


3 things that help successful clients progress and keep repeating …


1. Accountability

What does accountability have to do with canine conditioning? EVERYTHING. Why?

You are so much more likely to stick to a goal if you have to answer to somebody. It’s like having a gym buddy that you meet at 8 am. You have to show up.

Having that one person to tell what you did right or what you did wrong, I can promise you… you are way more likely to do it right! There are loads of science and studies to back this up across all forms. Accountability in canine conditioning and fitness is key.

2. Information Overload

I get overwhelmed by new information almost daily so I know exactly what this feels like. It is almost paralysing to the point that you don’t act on anything. If you try to read everything in the world on canine conditioning you will get all kinds of advice! Some will even seem contradictory. It locks you up in confusion.

My advice: Don’t do that. Stop it!

Try to rather stick to an easy to follow plan – and hit it hard!

I read where Vince Sant quoted Seth Godin, “If more information was the answer we’d all be billionaires with six-packs”. It couldn’t be more appropriate!


3. Your conditioning plan CAN’T be generic

You shouldn’t be confused about where to start or how to start.

Are you confused about:

  • when to increase or adapt an exercise
  • which exercises address the weak areas in your dog’s structure or
  • which exercises address the stress areas created by the sport you do?

Or worse, are you working or copying from a friend’s dog’s rehab plan?

These issues cause people to stop, give up or become disillusioned because they are not getting results.

You should be excited to take part in exercising your dog, otherwise no amount of willpower you can muster is going to last.

Imagine addressing each exercise session with stresses of what to do?!

Your results really happen when each session becomes something to look forward to and it’s exciting for both you and your dog. Then you have a program that is easier to stick to.

Your plan must be:

  • specific to your dog’s sport or goals,
  • easy for you to understand why you are doing it and
  • easy and great to stick to!


Where can you get help?


If you are struggling with all 3 of those issues mentioned above…I can help.

Working with made-for-you Elite Custom Program accomplishes all of these key elements.

It helps you progress and gets you on a successful and sustainable goal-driven path.


Our customised programs provide you with:

•  a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist to coach you through a fully customised training plan designed especially for you. No more confusion over what exercises to do or how to do them.

•  weekly check-ins and personalised video reviews. We reflect on the week and dive into what worked and what didn’t.

•  answers your questions and I am a quick message away from helping you make sense of any new information.

• Most importantly, I help keep you accountable. Yes, I do have some fancy automated app. It helps you work through your program throughout the week. However,t I’m also talking about connecting with an actual person too! I want to see you succeed.



Does this sound like it is exactly what you need? Now’s your chance to give it a shot. Contact me for more information on a program that will best suit you and your dog.

Let a certified coach help guide you to the finish line.


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