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About this series

Our bi-weekly Live Webinars series available to all BK-9 Tribe Members.  We discuss various topics pertaining to fitness and conditioning , health, sport and have Q & A Sessions.

Items you will discover

BK-9 Tribe Members
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How does your dog move?

Structure and Movement of your dog are important when understanding and observing:

  • irregularities in movement.
  • strengths and weaknesses in your dog's build and form
  • functional fitness and conditioning

Structure and Movement

Tonight's webinar is about your dog's Gait and Structure - Why is it important and how does it influence the performance of your dog.


Analysing your Dog’s Gait

Tonight we discuss your dog's gait and how to look at your dog when analysing the various gaits i.e. movements at various speeds. It is important to know what your dog's normal is. A working dog should be comfortable with all gaits as these are all required when performing in a sport or working.

Shoulder Considerations and Precautions

We look at how the structure of the shoulder helps us consider the type of conditioning exercises we need to look at. We also touch on some of the precautions we need to consider when practising our sports training.

BK-9 Tribe Members
1 Lesson

Cares, Observations and Indications

Before embarking on a Fitness and Conditioning Program or any Sports Training, it is important to know the common signs of a pending injury and the considerations that you must take when dealing with dogs of different ages.

Common signs of injuries seen in working and sporting dogs

Understanding your dog's "normal" is important especially when it is important for you to understand and spot signs of potential pain and injury in your sporting dog.

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2 Lessons

Warm-Ups and Cool Downs

What you should consider in your warm-ups and cool-downs


Considerations about what your warm-ups should include before training and before your trial

Cool Downs

The Importance of Cooling Down After Training and Trials

BK-9 Tribe Members
1 Lesson

Conditioning and Fitness Training Aspects to consider

When drawing up a balanced training program, what are the types of exercises you should consider and include? When looking at various exercises, always refer back to the sport your dog is doing.

Endurance and Stamina

We look and the difference between endurance and stamina. We also look at how to train for various types of endurance/stamina and how these impact various canine sports.

BK-9 Tribe Members
2 Lessons

Puppy Considerstions

Considerations to take into account when drawing up a fitness and conditioning plan for puppies.

Puppies and their Joints – Keeping them happy and healthy

We look at joint considerations in a growing puppy and how to it applies to the development of bone, joint and soft tissue development.

Puppies and Young Dogs

Considerations to take into account when approaching fitness and conditioning training as well as engaging in sports/

BK-9 Tribe Members
2 Lessons

Exercise Series: What, Why and How

Looking at the various exercises that you can include in your conditioning program including why you would do them, how you would perform them.

The Sit

The Sit:
Considerations, Progressions, Variations

The Sit - Is it really harmful? A review.

We look at a recent blog post explaining the harm and dangers of training the Sit.