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Toe Injuries are a surprise!

I must admit that toes are something that I rarely thought about. Once I started really thinking about my dog’s toes, I can see why they form a vital foundation for your dog’s performance. Toes are important! Missed or poorly treated toe injuries result in decreased performance or even retirement of your canine athlete. As […]

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When does my dog need PREbiotics?

Prebiotics work in harmony with probiotics and supports healthy guts and good digestion. A healthy gut supports the immune system and general health. When considering prebiotics and probiotics for dogs, it is often easier to deliver the prebiotics as a supplement.   In effect, prebiotics reaches the gut intact and provide a feeding ground for […]

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Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – An update summary

Hip dysplasia: a significant cause of pain and disability in dogs.   This remains true even after decades of research into its causes and diligent efforts by breeders to reduce risk through selective breeding. A new review article aimed at veterinarians (Witte 2019) provides a useful summary showing our current understanding of its causes. According […]

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Overweight dogs live less

Study finds overweight dogs live shorter lives. Although this is a New Research published Feb 13, 2019, it’s not new news. Pets, like people, have a shorter lifespan if overweight.   But let’s see the research: Banfield Pet Hospital found that the lifespan of overweight dogs was, on average, up to 2 1/2 years shorter than […]