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There’s Magic in Movement!

This is so true when we see dogs with arthritis. So strange that this degenerative joint condition is eased by the one thing it inhibits – movement! Regular movement helps manage muscular and joint pain. It keeps muscles and joints flexible. We see this happen in both dogs and humans alike. Do your dog’s joints […]

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To throw or not to throw?

I have seen a dog have to retire from sports due to injury from simply playing ball. An I must admit that I was guilty of zealous ball throwing too. “In the past two days, I have worked with two dogs injured from overzealous ball playing, fetching, retrieving at quick paces” ~Dr. DG Torraca* According […]


Overweight dogs live less

Study finds overweight dogs live shorter lives. Although this is a New Research published Feb 13, 2019, it’s not new news. Pets, like people, have a shorter lifespan if overweight.   But let’s see the research: Banfield Pet Hospital found that the lifespan of overweight dogs was, on average, up to 2 1/2 years shorter than […]

Heads Up Obedience – Physical Ramifications?

Some of you may know that I am actively involved in sports and competition with my dogs – I love it!. This includes obedience at a competitive level. For those that don’t know what this looks like:  the dog walks on your left-hand side with his head tilted and looking up at you for the […]


Sporting Dog? 8 ways to prevent injuries

Sporting dogs are mostly high drive or athletic dogs! Pet owners would just call them really active! Most high drive or energetic dogs compete in sports such as flyball, agility, dock diving or sledding. Because of their activities and energy, these dogs are unfortunately more prone to injuries. These injuries can take them out of […]


The #1 thing you can do for your fur buddy

Lack of mobility is a common cause of euthanasia in senior pets. It can also be easily avoided by helping your fur buddy live a healthy lifestyle. Young dogs easily remain active but older buddies can stay fit and strong too. By helping senior dogs stay strong and flexible, you improve their overall mobility.   […]


Iliopsoas Injuries – Signs of pain

DOES YOUR DOG HAVE AN ILIOPSOAS INJURY? An iliopsoas muscle injury can be daunting as it can be difficult to diagnose.  Even if treatment is done appropriately, the dog uses the muscle every day in every way and it can lead to chronic discomfort. Luckily the majority do respond well to rest and treatment and […]


Iliopsoas muscle? Never heard of her….

Dogs with groin or iliopsoas muscle issues are a common source of injury, chronic pain and lameness in a dog’s hind limb. More common than you may think!   WHERE IS THE ILIOPSOAS MUSCLE? The iliopsoas muscle consists of the fusion of two muscles – the Iliacus and the psoas major. Hence:  ilio+ psoas = […]


Hip Dysplasia and whelping boxes?

Hip dysplasia is one of those conditions that all dog breeders are very well aware. Responsible breeders make considerable efforts to eliminate it from their dogs for decades. Almost every breed’s parent club recommends screening breeding stock for hip dysplasia (HD). Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) in the USA was founded for this very reason. […]