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3 Variables to Consider when Increasing Workload

Dogs need exercise. This is something everyone agrees upon. But how does your dog’s workload make your dogs become better, fitter, stronger, faster with exercise?   Like humans, their exercise program requires a progressive increase in workload. Only this feature will help get your dog fitter, faster, stronger. Otherwise, you are just exercising in order […]

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How to recognise inflammation pain

There is great value in recognising inflammation-causing symptoms sooner rather than later. The later you recognise them the poorer the long-term outcomes may be for your fur buddy! Sometimes recognising these symptoms may even be a precursor to a more serious underlying condition. Early recognition may lead to early diagnosis and more successful treatments. So […]

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5 Ways Warm-Ups Help Your Competition Dog

Just as human athletes benefit from warm-ups before workouts, practice drills and competitions, so do our canine athletes benefit in much the same way. Proper warm-ups increase several physical functions as well as all those processes responsible for cellular heat and energy, tissue repair and growth.   What do warm-ups do for your dog? Improved […]


Extreme Exercise is a Thing?

Extreme Fitness Exercise — We see these with humans all the time.  The circus, sports for strength, flexibility, speed, endurance – they all have extremes.  We have seen some of these extreme outcomes, but we also gasp thinking:  are they Safe? I come from a family where extreme sports conditioning was a “norm”. The sport […]


PlaqueOff Animal – FAQ answered

Let’s take a look at and answer some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding our product ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal.   What are bacterial plaque and its effects? In both humans and dogs, bacterial plaque evolves constantly. It accumulates on the teeth. Only careful, regular cleaning diminishes the development of bacterial plaque before it […]

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How to build a quality dog exercise program

A good exercise program should address specific needs. This is true for both people and dogs. These needs prompt the solutions which will help your dog reach his goals. The best canine fitness programs will include understanding many variables and how best to put these together. These variables include things like strength, cardio, flexibility, sport-specific […]

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When does my dog need PREbiotics?

Prebiotics work in harmony with probiotics and supports healthy guts and good digestion. A healthy gut supports the immune system and general health. When considering prebiotics and probiotics for dogs, it is often easier to deliver the prebiotics as a supplement.   In effect, prebiotics reaches the gut intact and provide a feeding ground for […]

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Does my dog need PREbiotics? Yes.

We know that probiotics are friendly forms of bacteria that live in the intestines and can improve our health as well as our doggo’s, in many ways. Veterinarians recommend probiotics for everything from treating digestive conditions to boosting the immune system. However, experts advise that in order to fully reap the benefits of probiotics for […]