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Your dog’s structure matters

Your dog’s structure matters! You may not realise it, but it actually matters a lot! It is a very important consideration to look at when doing sport or when designing your fitness program to complement or enhance your dog’s sport or improve their health or fitness condition. The video below is taken from my live […]

Injury prevention and the canine athlete

This article I found very informative and certainly provides handlers of canine athletes with information on how we can assist our dogs to remain injury-free. by Amie Lamoreaux Hesbach, PT, DPT, CCRP, CCRT Empower Physio PeT, Maynard, MA The number of dogs and owners involved in canine sports in the United States has grown exponentially […]

Dogs: Thinkers, not Machines

Sport dog rearing programmes and philosophies – yes there are many of them out there.   Many programmes centre on the concept of controlled resource allocation.  Heavy crate time, restrictive devices are generally called for, placing much responsibility on the human. They will tell you that you need to control all access to reinforcement – […]

Is your dog in pain?

Most dogs are so brave that they don’t even show signs of pain. Well, signs of pain that may not be obvious to us humans. To follow are, however, some clues that you can pick up on which may help you see whether your dog is in pain or not. This list is not exclusive, […]

Keeping Older dogs Agile

Your older dog may have difficulty in moving or be less agile.  This will affect his ability to perform some activities. However, it is still important to keep them as agile and active as possible. Help ensure that they still have a life packed with good quality and enjoyment. There are a number of things […]

Exercise Ideas for Older Dogs

There are still plenty of exercises you can do with your older dog! The only thing to remember is to observe your dog and go at his pace. Stop if he looks tired or maybe struggling somewhat.   Here are some exercise ideas that your older dog will enjoy:   Walking No matter how old […]

Tips on keeping your older dog moving

Senior or older dogs are more prone to health conditions or factors that limit their movement to do general exercise. Our older dogs will generally slow down a little and rest more, but just like older humans, it is still important for them to remain active and healthy. Age or breed-related health problems may develop […]

Exercise for growing puppy – how much?

During the first 10 – 14 days of a puppy’s life, his movements comprises mostly of drinking and sleeping. Therefore, a puppy’s movements are limited to searching for warmth and milk, that is to say, his mom. Likewise, even while sleeping, his movements are mostly of his face, ears and legs.   By week three, […]

Weekend Warrior Worry

The first question I hear you ask: What is a Weekend Warrior? Generally, this expression is used to describe people who do very little exercise or physical activity during the week and then go out on an occasional weekend and play sports like squash or beach volleyball intensely or they decide to try out some […]

3 Variables to Consider when Increasing Workload

Dogs need exercise. This is something everyone agrees upon. But how does your dog’s workload make your dogs become better, fitter, stronger, faster with exercise?   Like humans, their exercise program requires a progressive increase in workload. Only this feature will help get your dog fitter, faster, stronger. Otherwise, you are just exercising in order […]

How to recognise inflammation pain

There is great value in recognising inflammation-causing symptoms sooner rather than later. The later you recognise them the poorer the long-term outcomes may be for your fur buddy! Sometimes recognising these symptoms may even be a precursor to a more serious underlying condition. Early recognition may lead to early diagnosis and more successful treatments. So […]

7 Habits for a Successful Fitness Program

Ever wonder why some people can stick with an exercise program and others find it difficult or cannot maintain momentum and stop after 2 or 3 sessions?   Let’s set you up for getting into the habit of successfully executing your K-9 Fitness Program!   The benefits of regular exercise are without dispute – even […]

5 Ways Warm-Ups Help Your Competition Dog

Just as human athletes benefit from warm-ups before workouts, practice drills and competitions, so do our canine athletes benefit in much the same way. Proper warm-ups increase several physical functions as well as all those processes responsible for cellular heat and energy, tissue repair and growth.   What do warm-ups do for your dog? Improved […]

Can Arthritis Be Reversed?

Why does a joint develop arthritis? There may be a number of reasons for this. But let’s look at the ones at the top of the list:   Mechanical Damage This happens when the mechanics or the normal workings of a joint is not correct. A torn ligament would cause a joint to not work […]

Stand for 10 seconds

Can he stand still for just 10 seconds? Ask this question whether your dog is a young puppy or is a seasoned veteran. Determining if your dog can or can’t stand for 10 seconds, may provide loads of information.   What does this Stand Still show? If your dog is not comfortable to stand for […]

Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand. So?

We have all heard about Green Lipped Mussel for joints.  But what is the big idea about them and is any mussel okay? New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel or Perna Canaliculus is an edible green-lipped mussel sourced from the waters of New Zealand. This particular species of green-lipped mussel is a proven powerful relief for […]

Starting Out – Your Canine Athletes

Athletes – person(s) trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; participants in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.   From school sports to professional sportsmen and women; when you are an athlete, it’s not just about playing the game. As per the definition, even dogs that compete […]

Extreme Exercise is a Thing?

Extreme Fitness Exercise — We see these with humans all the time.  The circus, sports for strength, flexibility, speed, endurance – they all have extremes.  We have seen some of these extreme outcomes, but we also gasp thinking:  are they Safe? I come from a family where extreme sports conditioning was a “norm”. The sport […]

Puppy growth on a plate

The closing of growth rates in puppies varies greatly in dogs of differing sizes and differing breeds. This makes your puppy’s diet and exercises very important factors when it comes to proper growth rates of bone, muscle, ligaments, tendons etc ensuring that each aspect grows at a complimentary rate to each other.   As a […]

PlaqueOff Animal – FAQ answered

Let’s take a look at and answer some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding our product ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal.   What are bacterial plaque and its effects? In both humans and dogs, bacterial plaque evolves constantly. It accumulates on the teeth. Only careful, regular cleaning diminishes the development of bacterial plaque before it […]

Running Hot to Trot!

Many people enjoy running and jogging. It may also be the reason you got your dog in the first place. There may be nothing better than running with your dog to keep you company as you enjoy the fresh morning air with him. However, to enjoy running with your buddy for many years, there are […]

How to build a quality dog exercise program

A good exercise program should address specific needs. This is true for both people and dogs. These needs prompt the solutions which will help your dog reach his goals. The best canine fitness programs will include understanding many variables and how best to put these together. These variables include things like strength, cardio, flexibility, sport-specific […]