7 Habits for a Successful Fitness Program

Ever wonder why some people can stick with an exercise program and others find it difficult or cannot maintain momentum and stop after 2 or 3 sessions?


Let’s set you up for getting into the habit of successfully executing your K-9 Fitness Program!


The benefits of regular exercise are without dispute – even those people who are not gym bunnies agree to this.

How awesome that these benefits of regular exercise are available to anyone with a dog. So how can you more successfully incorporate fitness into your daily routine?

As with most things in life, to start a new habit or program, some “work” or effort is required – even in starting a new fitness habit for your dog. Many find this difficult to start but really easy to stop.

The result is a human and canine obesity epidemic that costs lives and money – an expensive habit not to master.


Being involved in human fitness for many years, there are some patterns and behaviours that you see successfully fit people every time.

The “fit” people I am talking about here are not necessarily those ultra-high-level athletes. They are rather the everyday folks who include and combine their fitness into their everyday lifestyles.

These behaviours (habits) provide some super ideas to anyone struggling with consistently and effectively incorporating a fitness program of their own or for their dog’s fitness.


Let’s look at some of these habits of everyday, normal folk who successfully keep themselves or their dogs in fit, healthy and in good shape.

Incorporating any one of these habits will increase your chances of successfully making fitness a part of your daily routine.

They are worth trying out!


Begin your dog’s fitness workouts smarter and more consistently by applying any one of these seven habits and take your dog to the next level.


Mornings Are Great!

Workout with your dog in the morning whenever possible. Start before distractions get in the way and while both you and your dog are fresh.


Mix In Some High-Intensity Training!

High intensity is anything that gets the heart beating faster! Try and do this at least once a week. It helps improve calorie burning at rest, endurance and quick recoveries.


Set A Schedule!

It sounds simple enough, but this is something even I forget to do and it gets me into trouble. Schedule your dog’s workouts on the calendar. Block that time off! Mark them as if they are important meetings that can’t be cancelled. Which they are.


Break It Up Into Bite-Sized Parts

Break apart workouts into smaller parts to better fit into any busy schedules. For example, if you don’t have an hour to spare, workout with your dog for 30 minutes twice a day. Even if it is that you perform a small workout while the kettle is on for a cup of tea.


Mix In Some Variety

Add strength, cardio (endurance), flexibility, balance and body awareness training. This will ensure a well-rounded and functional outcome. For those dogs who are sporting K-9s, don’t forget some sport-specific training too. Each one of these exercise types are available to your dog if you know-how.


Build A Strong Core

Strong cores are developed through targeted and intelligent core training. A strong core is essential to improve athletic performance, speed and power while reducing the risk of injuries. Your dog will develop a more functional body.


To-Go Workouts At The Ready

Have one or two “go-to”, quick workouts that you can use when time is short. These should be between 10 and 15 minutes and a short but intense. They should be difficult enough to get your dog’s heart rate and breathing up.


The Biokinetic K-9 Exercise Progams

To learn more about the various exercises available to you and how to do them safely, contact me. As a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, this is my area of expertise. Contact me at The Biokinetic K-9 for help or any questions on how you can succeed in fitness wit your dog!

We can even design a program for those homebodies who would rather enjoy training their dog in their lounge!

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