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6 ways to add quality years to your senior dog

We all want long comfortable lives for our senior dogs! Heck, we want that unrealistic ideal of having our dogs live forever. That eternal search for the fountain of youth eludes even our pet world.

But that doesn’t that we can’t help our dogs stick around longer and provide extra comfort into those senior years.


6 Easy Ways To Add Quantity And Quality To Your Senior Dog.


1. Weight control

Avoiding obesity automatically adds years to your dog’s life!

If this is the only thing you achieve on this list, you have already achieved wonders!

Obesity is a current global scourge, not only for humans but for our pets too. More than 50% of dogs are noted as obese in the U.S.

According to a Purina Lifespan Study, obesity can cut your dog’s lifespan by up to 2 years. That’s 2 years less playing, cuddling and goofing around with your best bud!

Being overweight also wreaks havoc on their health. Overweight dogs are more prone to illness e.g. diabetes, joint degeneration, heart and lung problems, cancer and even depression.

Luckily, this condition is completely reversible and avoidable. You control their food intake, so take measures to ensure a healthy eating plan with top quality food and healthy treats.


2. Regular Vet Checks

Vet examining dog

As with humans, seniors benefit hugely with regular vet checks.

Preventative care for senior dogs is exceptionally valuable. Regular check-ups are essential as they age and are more prone to certain diseases. Early detection can lifesaving.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your pet and bring them in when you notice anything “off”. Regular vet checks also help your vet to know and understand your dog. Your vet will look for hidden things that you may not necessarily be aware of.

This is important for a dog’s longevity as many diseases, certain types of cancers are successfully treated if caught early. However, they can be deadly if left undetected for too long.


3. Keep Joints Healthy

Sashas Blend Retriever

Like humans, dog’s joints are prone to wear and tear. Their joints get stiffer and more painful as they age. If you have notices that your dog struggles to get up from his bed or head upstairs, he probably has achy joints.

Keep your dog at a healthy weight (see tip #1). Added weight only adds more strain to already sore joints.

Another great and easy thing you can do is to put your dog on a joint supplement.

The anti-inflammatory properties of supplements like Sashas Blend naturally reduce pain and help slow the progression of joint degeneration. Sashas Blend contains 54% green-lipped mussel which is 300% times more potent than fish oil and will only help their joints as they age.


4. Keep then Active – both Body and Mind

A used key never rusts. The same applies to the body and mind: if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Staying physically active is crucial for older dogs (and humans alike). It helps maintain muscle mass and keep their hearts strong and pumping well.

Of course, remember that our older dogs tire more easily so don’t push it and always provide plenty of water. Low impact exercise is kind on ageing joints and keeps muscles strong – perfect for our seniors!

Mental stimulation is equally as important. Crossword puzzles help older humans stave off dementia. Similarly, activities that challenge your older dog’s mind will help them stay sharp.

Look at toy puzzles and games to make them think.

For physical and mental stimulation, something is always better than nothing. Even a 10-minute daily walk or game with your dog is the world to them.


5. Dental Health is key

dog licking face with bad breath

An infected tooth is excruciating. Same goes for your dog.

Dental disease is extremely painful for dogs. Excess plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay can also affect the rest of their health and overall immune system. When an elderly dog’s immune system is weakened, this can spell serious trouble.

As dogs age, they need meticulous dental care. Be sure not to neglect this simple but important aspect of their health. An easy aid is PlaqueOff Animal for oral hygiene. It has no sugars, fillers or additives so will not add to your dog’s weight management burden.


6. Feed High-Quality food

Nutrition is especially important for older dogs. It helps them fight disease and increase their lifespan.

Feeding a low-quality dog food lowers nutritional intake and increases systemic inflammation (a pre-curser to many diseases)

There are several foods, treats and supplements you can add to their diet to keep inflammation under control.


Your dog may not live forever, but you can certainly do your best to make that life fabulous.


These 6 tips are a great start to add not only years to their life but an awesome life to their years.

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