Tiger in tunnel

Tiger was rescued at 6 months of age.

He was suffering of mange, secondary infection and a severely deficient immune system. 8 Months of medication finally did the trick.

It took Tiger another 2 years before he was able to trust mankind again. To further build his confidence, we started doing agility & jumping when he was 5.

After a year of training, we started competing and Tiger, bless his heart, became the comedy act for 2 years. Although great in training, at shows he would baulk, pause, consider and reconsider the obstacles while I cajoled, taunted, crawled and rolled around desperately trying to egg him on. At one point my trainer advised that I should give up on him, yet we persevered.

Then one glorious morning, Tiger saw the light.

I was running very late that morning, and in a flurry of activity, I collected our competition numbers, and only just got Tiger to the start line in time. Still panting, I collected what little wits I still had, readying myself for the mental battle ahead, as the whistle sounded that we should start.

Before I realised, Tiger was 2 jumps ahead of me and running fast. I battled to catch up and only just managed to redirect him over the correct obstacle, before he was up and over and off again. It felt like the course went by in a flash, as indeed it did. I fell over the finish line, exhausted. I would have to get fit! Tiger took first place that day, the first of many to follow.

He was now 8 years old. In time, his poor beginnings in life and sport injuries took their toll which was when I tried Tiger on Sashas Blend.

Within 3 months it showed. Tiger went on to become a champion in dog jumping and agility.

At age 11, Tiger was selected to represent his country and compete in the world championships in Belgium. We came home with a Silver medal in 2008.

Tiger is now 13 and still competes at the odd show, simply because he loves it, and because he’s on Sashas Blend, he can.

I’m crying as I write this, because this little dog, with oodles of character, has a really big heart and a Never-Say-Die attitude. He had so much to overcome…..and overcome he did. I love him dearly.

– Ansie Minnaar

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